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  1. Garheardt the Black

    Nimbatus Racing Update Give Away

  2. Garheardt the Black

    Give weapons VTOL tracking options?

    Yarr! Currently, weapons either target a mouse or they are fixed. What if weapons used the VTOL UI options instead? Suddenly, weapons can track a positional sensor, aim down or up regardless of drone position, and even aim away from your mouse. "Enemy Drone" might need to be disabled for future pvp, but I think the other options could be great. Imagine! A scout drone detects an enemy and activates a positional tracker, causing a mother ship to immediately train their weapons on the tracker and fire. Weapons trained on on-board positional trackers instantly converging on predetermined locations based on whatever activates a signal. So, that's the idea. Thanks again!
  3. Garheardt the Black

    Perfectly balanced drones twisting under thrust

    I did some testing, but I think I might have screwed it up. Going to retest. *Update* It's still a problem on the preview build. I'll test the current live version next. *Second update* It's still curving. When I first loaded up and tested the thruster-fuel-core setup in the live version, a thruster attached to the button wasn't producing a curve. Then I tested a bunch of other parts. All of them still curved, including other logic blocks. I went back and tested the button again, and now it's curving again too. 😆 I restarted the game to see if I could reproduce the button flying straight. Now, nothing that isn't attached directly to the drone core is yielding straight thrust.
  4. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    That must be quite the laptop!
  5. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    *Hands Star the "Largest Functional Monstrosity" hat Wow, that thing is massive! What kind of computer are you running to handle this thing when it's done? Also, I have a few suggestions that could help you get your tonnage down. We all build for different reasons, so disregard as required Fuel: It's possible to eliminate all of the fuel in exchange for a factory set to respawn fuel as needed Regenerative armor: While time consuming, individually programming your armor factories eliminates the need to split them. I use a third party macro to make it fairly quick. Additionally, you can use buttons as armor. They are significantly lighter, have more hp per ton, and the loss of signal when they are destroyed can be used to respawn them, so you don't need any sensors. LEDs are even more HP/weight friendly. Also, more space between the armor and the body will prevent the spread of fire. Shields: Totally redundant after you get your armor perfected. Both systems absorb plenty of damage, but shields need a ton of energy. The shields won't provide any additional benefit other than style. Props for making the head look like an actual bug!
  6. Garheardt the Black

    Thrust is inaccurate when thrusters aren't attached to the drone core

    I was aware that something was up for some time, but prior to the release of racing mode, the effect made very little practical impact on drone design. With racing live and velocity caps increased, however, what was a nuisance is drastically effecting my drone designs. Part of why many drones that aren't using VTOL are fish-tailing down the track is being caused by their inability to travel in a straight line.
  7. -Hop into the editor -Create a new drone with a fuel tank and two thrusters -Place the fuel and thrusters in a line in front of the drone core -Attach one thruster to the core and one to the fuel. -Bind a different key to each thruster -Enter testflight mode and fire each thruster separately. -The one attached to the core with fly the drone straight -The one attached to the fuel will fly the drone off course. *i'm stumped as to why it does this, but it seems it can happen when you attach thrusters to anything besides the core. This is part of why afterburners have been so challenging, it's impossible to get a symmetrical burn.
  8. Garheardt the Black

    Individually tracked trackers.

    Maybe each position tracker could have a space to enter a signal that it would broadcast when it was active? Then, when selecting a positional tracker as a target, what if there was a space where you could enter the signal of the specific tracker?
  9. Garheardt the Black

    Ramming Block

    No argument there!
  10. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    I'd be curious to see that also.
  11. Garheardt the Black

    New Parts Feedback

    After some serious time spent racing, I wanted to comment on what I've noticed about the parts there: VTOL thrusters are incredibly strong. They don't pack as much thrust as other thrusters, but their built in guidance combined with the weight freed up by eliminating dedicated maneuvering thrusters is extremely attractive. Combinations of nothing but VTOL thrusters, standard thrusters and fuel are near top tier and significantly easier to design than the drones they are beating. Factories are still king. If a drone can beat an opponent out of the gate, they can drop a 50+ part wall of magnets on them and coast to victory. This tactic hard counters VTOL everything and, so far as I've seen, can only be countered by a faster drone that can in turn deploy their own wall of doom. Proximity sensor. Too short for high speed terrain avoidance, sadly. Distance sensors. Somewhat uncommon since the dawning of the age of VTOL, but still pretty good. They tend to twitch around no matter how secure they are, giving drones the appearances of agitated arthropods. I'm not a bug hater, but really like the idea of giving sensors an invisible setting. Afterburners. I swear I'm the only one using these things in races, probably because I tend to blow up a lot. It's tough toeing the line between moving quickly enough to activate them enough to be worth it and slow enough to still allow cornering. I find myself withing for a hand brake. I've built some winners with afterburners onboard, but it seems like even when I'm not smearing the walls with drone parts, I run out of fuel too quickly. That's all so far!
  12. Garheardt the Black

    Ramming Block

    Spikes are less useful for ramming than Heavy blocks with high HP. They don't do enough damage and break too easily. All the melee weapons are fairly high risk, fragile, high tonnage weapons with little payoff. Collision damage can be quite high and pretty fun to mess with, but so long as structures have infinite mass and don't suffer collision damage, it's not viable as a weapon to build around. All the weapons will benefit from an update, probably around the same time as the drone dueling arena concept.
  13. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    I went up against a couple of these. I haven't seen many small drones able to navigate a course as well as the larger ones, and by nature of a swarm, you're restricted to smaller drones. They also had trouble avoiding each other on a narrow track. Also, I haven't been able to upload GIF files since yesterday. I found a list of my uploads in my profile, but didn't find any options for managing them or whether there is a limit. Is there something I should clear?
  14. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

  15. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    Drone swarms