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  1. Garheardt the Black

    Drone Stability / Drone Hull Parts

    If you post an idea in a game's official suggestions forum and no one votes for it, the data points to a single conclusion; what was suggested was not well received. The rest of your data is speculative and diluting the only hard figure you have. That said, sorry for getting way off topic.
  2. Garheardt the Black

    Drone Stability / Drone Hull Parts

    I've found the vote count on suggestions to be fairly compelling
  3. Garheardt the Black

    Drone Stability / Drone Hull Parts

    I agree with Lurkily. I tend to build large, complex, long drones and they're all quite stable. It takes planning and practice, but I find it's part of the fun.
  4. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    Good points. A redundant switch could work to override signals. Or a AND or NOR gate with a switch. The drawback being having to program 70 more logic blocks. Alternatively, I could rig the armor logic blocks to dynamite, blow them up, then reprint them after the fire is out. 😆 Update: I found a quicker work-around. I'm using a large series of NOT gates already, so I added a uniform input command to each one. Now they're basically NEITHER gates. This way, I could input a single variable to toggle on and off with a switch rather than having to simulate every unique button signal. Being able to toggle is fairly useful in collisions as well, since whatever you hit has a tendency to destroy the first reprint if it's still in the way. With the automated repair off, it prevents wasted prints and their associated cooldowns.
  5. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    I did some testing. The armor is spaced far enough from the inner hull that it won't catch it on fire, but once it's lit, the armor will continue to burn indefinitely. It's rather amusing to watch.
  6. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    So far, the armor has been fairly good at preventing fire from crossing into the internals, but that hasn't been heavily tested. My best guess on how fire works is that a heat value transferred to any given part will then begin to dilute that value among other parts nearby. If that's the case, the fact that the armor continuously respawns helps to soak heat before it can jump to the main body. The distance between layers also seems to help. I'll mess around a bit and see if I can get a decent example gif out of it. Thanks for the question; I have more testing!
  7. Garheardt the Black


    Cool, thanks for the info!
  8. Garheardt the Black

    Post Your Projects!

    Ladies and gentlemen! I give you regenerative armor! This bad boy was designed to laugh in the face of anything short of a mamma snake, and boy does it. After taking enough damage, the outer hull will automatically repair itself. It can do this quickly enough to render it effectively impervious to weapon fire and it can withstand a hit from a hammerhead with no lasting damage to the ship. It can do this by taking advantage of light parts with high HP values, and converting the loss of signal from a button in the armor into a build order on a corresponding factory. While effective, it takes a ton of programming. The featured blasters are modified with sticky bullets, increased force, and multiple projectiles. This effect repels enemies and causes them to spin uncontrollably, negating things like a hammerhead's hard front end and preventing them from attacking. That's what I've been up to lately!
  9. Garheardt the Black


    Is your day job interpreter? Your day job needs to be interpreter. Thanks again! -Edit: to elaborate, though; if there was an armor overlay that soaked damage in place of the internals, a shield that blocked actual damage would likely need to act on or before that overlay in order to apply damage to the shields before the armor.
  10. Garheardt the Black


    Also, CometShine, I'm seriously jealous of your artistic ability. Can I ask what tools you're using?
  11. Garheardt the Black


    I like it. I'm also for having armor on a cosmetic layer. Heat resistant armor could continue to have less HP than standard armor, so the trade off wouldn't be free heat resistance, you're losing overall armor for it. I wouldn't mind seeing shields act on this layer as well, as they could act to soak damage rather than destroying projectiles without actually protecting from the effects of a blast.
  12. Garheardt the Black

    Make Terrain Suffer Collision Damage?

    Hello! As it stands, the tinniest of grains of sand can wreck a fast moving drone, or hook the inside of a larger one where it's weapons may not be able to free it. I suggest a change where terrain suffers collision damage, allowing larger drones to push through such nuisances at the cost of a part or two instead of possible catastrophe. If structures like hives could take collision damage as well, that would open up some interesting new design concepts also. Thanks! Love ya!
  13. Garheardt the Black

    The last update deleted half my drones.

    In the hopes of preventing this fate from befalling anyone else, I hunted around for the location of the Nimbatus save file location. No promises, but backing it up occasionally could mitigate the amount of data you lose. Provided your save locations are the default, the folder location should be as follows: C:\Users\(user)\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus (user) is whatever your local user name is. AppData is a hidden file, so you'll have to enable the viewing of hidden items in the view tab. Hope that helps!
  14. Garheardt the Black

    Friction Shield

    Hello and welcome! Possible complications with this kind of device: -Reducing air resistance increases overall speed regardless of the ambient pressure. That makes this a speed multiplier that could always be worth using, mitigating the point of the original use. -Any part increasing pressure would be subjected to it, causing instability unless it's ship wide, at which point the enemies around you are slower, but so are you, so it's a bit of a wash. -Reducing the air pressure to send enemies flying would likely result in you getting sent flying instead. A striking drone part will speed up the moment before it hits you with an arm, and even if you manage to strike back, all you struck was a moving part. With your reduced friction, you'll head straight for the ring. -Anything that can increase air pressure in sumo will make center hogs even more dominant than they already are. So far, I think drones do fairly well in high air resistance maps if they're built with an emphasis on high thrust. Sadly, I think a part like this could be very hard to balance.
  15. Garheardt the Black

    Damage state

    You could always go oldschool and have parts beging to blink at a rate dependent on their percentage of missing health.