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  1. Adam's son (just like Adam but with the medium body)
  2. the hottest boi the most hottest boi (or girl I don't know this ape's gender)
  3. The J immunity is exclusive to the jungle, at least from my experience.
  4. Hmm I love these twins, they were children from a wanderer when I couldn't find a suitable partner for my leader Do "triplets" count? XD Half-sister identical twins - ANAKO I LOAF U (she's the mother)
  5. I have more than 2000 food on my 268 day old tribe, I collect food pretty much any chance I get. Food is my main priority And I try to get genes that are good for collecting, and my tribe size is normally up to 20 creatures I was pretty bad at getting food the first time I played. I can remember my creatures starving to death in my first tribe X_X
  6. I used to watch Stardew Valley by Jessimew. I then looked for her most popular video, found Niche, and thought it was cool. I would make up stories about nichelings I made before I even got the game. I watched all her series up to the start of Adam's Quest, and I kinda just got the hang of it once I started because I had watched so much. I understood how to play, but I wasn't good at it. In my first tribe there was a lot of starvation and sickness, and times where the tribe nearly went extinct. I remember that my main goal was to find a mountain, and when my creatures arrived, they all starved to death. the end
  7. Big ears, Big or blue toxic body, Poison fangs, Stinky or scorpion tail, Mask C.
  8. You can get them by calling! I found about 5 in two days once on the home island.
  9. 1) -Like what some of the other people said, don't overbreed. I like to keep my tribes small (10-20 creatures at a time) because it lets me give personalities and tell stories with my creatures, and still get through the days fairly quickly. -Spend some time collecting food and getting good genes on your creatures, then stories are easy to tell without having to worry about your tribe's survival. -Make all your tribe members look and have unique abilities. When I have a tribe with creatures that basically all look the same, it;s hard to tell them apart and they all tend to have similar personalities. If a creature has bad genes, unless your tribe actually can't support them, don't banish them, for some reason I get attached to creatures that have terrible genes. 2) -A tribe member that stands out, or has done something great 3) -I normally use names from niche youtubers/ name suggestions from commenters on niche videos
  10. Imo I don't really like yellow fur (especially with patterns), unless it's mixed with white, red or brown (I think that's how you get a really cute honey colour)
  11. This. Or (this is my opinion) Big ears, Mask pattern C, Antlers, Toxic or big body and Poison fangs makes the most adorable creature in my opinion.
  12. here's my beautiful boi, you can edit him however you want and thanks for the opportunity
  13. These two please? You don't have to draw both of them but if you want to you can! Thanks for the opportunity OwO
  14. Art that I'm kinda proud of My fursona Karali A WIP of my oc Marina A WIP of my oc Ria
  15. edited because the thing i wrote here was pretty cringe so you don't get to see it >: )
  16. Here's one of my favourite nichelings, Likana! She's the prettiest nicheling I've had without using the console, and I love her so much that I made an oc inspired by her XD She's pretty new, in fact she's still alive right now (at the time I'm typing this). Backstory: She is the leader of the tribe, becoming the leader at a very young age and migrating to a new mountain island without her parents and having to look after her younger siblings before adulthood. She is a very adventurous and somewhat reckless creature, which made her tribemates worry about her, as you can probably tell her cold resistance is terrible, and nobody wanted any harm to come to their leader. They tried all they could to stop her from getting into trouble. But this wasn't going to stop Likana. She and her sister Lara ran away one day, to explore the mountain and investigate the mysterious glacier in the north. But in the middle of the journey, Likana went too far from her sister, and almost froze to death. Luckily Lara was able to save her in time, and they found a creature with the digging trunk and a wing in the glacier. She's still alive, so I don't really have anything else to say about her. Sorry that was long! But I hope whoever gets Likana has fun drawing her!
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