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  1. I've heard of people getting a primal in their first hatch, while others get their first primals after like 2 years I got my first primal when I couldn't even put together a good breeding pair, good thing skins exist
  2. I might consider renting a fire nest next time I breed one of my pairs, because oh my gosh the fire primals- i mean, there is a really low chance i'll actually get a primal but whatever fire eyes suit this pair better than ice eyes anyway
  3. New babies! I'll be selling them on the auction house soon if anyone wants one
  4. my girl ;o; Bi as heck Pretty confident and charismatic
  5. And here are some babies I hatched recently too
  6. Here, have my cute little Rauru, because why not
  7. I haven't played any pranks yet today... or maybe I have
  8. These two were tossed out at fodder price and I just had to buy them
  9. likana is just... likana she's sassy and charismatic. but also kinda dumb
  10. ye it would be great if you do her!
  11. Nope, I just know if I start one I'm probably going to procrastinate and never get any drawings done :')
  12. hA, i have 98 permas-
  13. ok so that happened but i did get a pretty g1 from the forums my plans for her: (and also i just resold another primal for a profit of 22kt? so that does like make up the money i spent on the primal i mispriced)
  14. i accidentally sold a primal for 49 treasure instead of gems : ( well, at least i've probably made more money off reselling primals than the money i just lost
  15. I can send you the second one if you'd like
  16. New hatchlings! I have now somehow hatched more multigazes than primals in my time of playing
  17. this is the FIRST time i've ever maxed out on the lucky streak i barely play any fairground games but today i decided to make myself try to learn how to play glimmer and gloom and i'm sorta okay at it now?
  18. https://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=57928307 I found a pretty g1 on the auction house! unfortunate tert, but her other colours (royal and pearl) are good colours : D I may buy her once I can afford her
  19. fishe! I don't have a picture of her genes but I'm pretty sure she has like mask D idk just give her whatever pattern and you can give her any tail type too she was randomly generated
  20. baby! i don't really like plague primal normally but it actually looks pretty cool on him!
  21. I hatched all these babies recently! All are on the auction house for 15-20 gems apart from the last one, which I'm keeping
  22. I really like your art!
  23. Thanks, you too! And welcome to the forums ~
  24. Hi, welcome to the forums! I've sent a friend request, my username is Lazukii (you've been on flight rising for way longer than me lol!)
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