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  1. Here's Spinel. This is my first roleplay im joining. Just tell me if im doing something wrong.
  2. I love it! Its so good! Thank you! ❤️
  3. Ahhhh!!! Thanks for doing this! ❤️
  4. Thank you! I will draw this as soon as i can!
  5. Yup, as soon as i have time!
  6. Yes, as soon as i can! :3
  7. No problem! And thanks :3
  8. I finished drawing your niche! I hope I got her marking close enough, I wasn’t really sure! Hope you still like it anyways! @Lazukii
  9. I’m done drawing your niche! Hope it’s close enough, hope you like it ❤️@Green the gene maker
  10. Ahhhh this is WAY to good! Thank you sooo much! Anything i can do in return? ❤️ @Lazukii
  11. I can draw one for you, if you want!
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