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  1. Just got these from my dA Mistystar swimming Hawkfrost being creepy
  2. Lost Stars protagonists PMV shot from my part for Folding Chair (Leopardfoot and Tigerstar PMV) I have much more but I don't have them on my computer lol
  3. I suggest using Krita, it's free and you both animate and draw with it. And watch some tutorials, or play around with it yourself, it's not too hard
  4. Does moving art count lol. I just got Krita so I'm testing out some animation. If anyone has constructive criticism it'd be greatly appreciated The black figure is a cat and the purple guys are foxes. It's not finished yet, I plan to have the foxes get up, one of them leaping after the cat and the other shaking itself before following. It stops at around 5 seconds for some reason Fox Attack.mp4
  5. I think ginger would be dominant over blonde since higher amounts of pheomelanin is the point of erythrism, so then the blondey-cream would come after because it'd just be weaker erythrism if that makes sense. I'll edit it soon
  6. Ahh I love this idea, sorry for taking long to reply! I should just make this suggestion a collaboration with you, yeah? I don't think that's been done before but who said it can't be, I thought of and started off the concept and you expanded on it lol. I'm going to add the ginger and blonde in a little bit, and yes aren't those orange/blonde animals so cool?! I was in awe when looking through erythristic animals. Also I thought the same with toxic body, being like that of a poison dart frog, but I compared it to an insect because I couldn't find any erythristic frog pictures hehe. Also we would need three alleles then, non erythristic, ginger, and blonde, got it. Does the fact that red/orange/yellow fur won't be affected still apply? I don't think so right, since the fox, which is already red, was turned blondish?
  7. @BirdsAreCool Ack sorry to bother again but I wanted to ask, would erythrism be visible if the animal only has one red/yellow (and orange for the horn and patterns) fur gene? I don't think so right, since they technically do still have pheomelanin? I think thats the correct word lol
  8. Melanism is recessive to albinism. I'd make erythrism recessive to melanism only so that it could be a rarer/harder-to-unlock gene. And honestly I think people would prefer melanism so it'd be easier to get if it were dominant.
  9. Ah okay, so what you're saying is erythrism wouldn't be deactivated if the nicheling has red/orange/yellow fur, but it would look like nothing is changed? (Unless it shows up on the horns/claws, since I imagine those would change as well). And would it depend on melanism as well? I want to get everything right when I edit this, thanks for always being super helpful
  10. @BirdsAreCool You're right, I didn't do much research and there wasn't much I could find on it. But there isn't any other way erthryism could still be implemented? What if it deactivated when the animal has red, orange or yellow fur, since I think what you're saying is these colored animals technically already have erythrism. Let me know, cause if not then I'll just delete this, it's just a suggestion and at least I'm being educated in the process lol. Also yes I'm aware of what albinism and melanism are and what they do in real life, but I was referring to the way they are in Niche, doing nothing except changing the animal's color.
  11. Maybe you can name them after famous/well known albino people. Albinism isn't that common among people and albinistic people are still bullied and teased, and in some parts of Africa, killed or attacked. Well known albinistic people are pretty inspirational in my eyes, considering the challenges they had to face simply because of their pigment. Some names I suggest are Shaun, for Shaun Ross, or Salif, for Salif Keita. Sorry for the paragraph lol Edit: Didnt see that they were females so Shaun and Salif won't work but you know what I mean lol
  12. Ah but wait, couldn't you argue there's no need for albinism or melanism then, since they're basically just white and black.
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