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  1. despite how unorganized this all may seem, i actually have the basic plans for the next like, 19 posts written in a google doc-
  2. uhhh bad news-i just found out Sims 3 uninstalled, which means the save could have been deleted,,
  3. before i update, i would like to present to you all: Iceskip doing stuff back at camp i know, riveting content
  4. I'll have time update this today, give me like an hour or two- And quick question: Would anyone be up for seeing perspectives in the other clans? Nothing too revealing, just to see what's going on and what cats think of eachother
  6. Alright I finished it, so to add on to this: Most of the problems are just not putting periods where they should be or using too many periods, but one thing I noticed was that the descriptions of things happening are a bit too simple, if that makes sense? Like: Instead of saying 'she slipped and fell' say something along the lines of 'but she stumbled, losing balance and falling to the ground' or something More of a personal preference, but I enjoy reading it a lot more than a short description That's all I've got for now, it's not amazing but it's not bad by any means eith
  7. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it is pretty decent so far. The only things I can really criticize right now is commas being where they shouldn't, overly long sentences, and a small story thing: The name 'Night' feels very out of place amongst the more niche (not like the game but the actual word) names that all the other cats have like 'Ghoa', 'Nela' and 'Sereneo'. Not a huge problem, but it did kinda throw me off I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I hope to learn more about how the society works, since so far it gives off Medieval vibes more than anything
  8. Speaking of scripts, here all the ones i dug up from my files (some are older than others) If you haven't read TAS or me and/or Foxy's playthroughs these won't even make sense but I still want to share them because I love writing them 👉👈 (Im just going in the order i found them-) Baby Bride Rag: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u_nTZChPJhgnA5Hk6SJQqMKCrFX4wbVboehmjXXFzNU/edit?usp=drivesdk (this one's kinda dark-) Boys Will Be Bugs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vw3y2NoY_C_d3wgxnwpBJvakWiPpYOpFCA2YTebBcvk/edit?usp=drivesdk I Was So Sure: https://docs.goo
  9. I mostly just wanted a place to put my scripts and pictures of nichelings for when i needed them that isnt my normal homethread hdhzfdtx
  10. Katumai


    Man I remember I was looking for one of these codes for forever because all the cool kids have Toyhouse and nobody wanted to talk to me because I was a loser smh If you ever do get a code somewhere it would be neat if you could send it to me, I've been dying for a place to put my ocs
  11. "Hey, Leon, are you alright? Is something wrong?" .... "Leon?" I was rewatching a bunch of the Danganronpa trials and realized 'wow, i actually like Leon' Anyway, Mr og murder man himself I remember seeing a post somewhere about the actual reason the murderers in Danganronpa snap during the trials us because of the ghosts of their victims haunting them or freak hallucinations of something similar and i just ran with it (Spoilers for the first game below) Leon's death sucked, it was brutal and I really don't think he deserved it. Yes, he ki
  12. (They are, they're called the Four Dark Devas of Destruction)
  13. I have no idea why but the image of Gundham and Jafar being like. some kind of evil duo is great Though im not sure how well they'd get along- (Am i doing this right-)
  14. Oh boy time to google a bunch of photos of characters i havent thought about in years
  15. I would be updating this right now if THERE WAS ANY WIFI
  16. Katumai


    Haha losers, im already an expert /j/j/j No but I studied cat genetics a ton in my free time because i had literally nothing better to do and im pretty well educated, but even my dumb self forgets things sometimes, so this is actually helpful hdmfhfgffd
  17. Ah yes, fresh meat. You will do nicely as a member of the forum cult anyways, I'm Kat, welcome to hell
  18. Cant miss the chance to show off my nichelings and go on a tangent in my head about why they're the best! /j/j/j starting off with-..uh yeah i dont have an excuse for this guy's name And his (I think) second cousin, Magina, a really pretty nicheling who's basically become a spirit of wildlife Her father was some random guy that I didn't have enough food to invite in (and, weirdly enough, looked a lot like one of my friend's nichelings), so I just bred one of my females with him before he disappeared and the result was Magina. I'm guessing that wand
  19. oh boy, here we go just to be clear: this and the last chapter take place around the same time, but there's been a significant time gap between the ones before that and these two Falconpaw "Falconpaw." "Hm?" "Frostsun, Whitestar and I will be by the tree if you need us." Silverflower spoke gently, sweeping her tail in the direction of Whitestar and the medicine cat. Falconpaw nodded, watching the deputy follow after them. "This place is bigger than camp!" Falconpaw nearly jumped out of his fur at the yelling in his ear, groaning and pinning his ears flat agai
  20. Alright, the allegiances list has been updated a LOT so I suggest you look at it- http://apawineachworld.com/untoldlegacy/?shareGuid=c452b668-1245-3852-b865-cf4de075a44e
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