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  1. It wasn't their soul, it was ours. You can move it in the birdcage.
  2. are you deflecting "the players" horrible actions on a fictional character that is actively trying to fight back? /lh
  3. is this implying that kris is evil
  4. https://r7.whiteboardfox.com/71731916-7897-3911
  5. Uhhhh whiteboard if any wants to join
  6. A sadness runs through him but with dsmp deaths???
  7. Sky Islands from SFSMP https://app.wombo.art/
  8. I would like to join! Choco is generally optimistic, but it doesn't take much to break that exterior. She worries a lot, so she usually takes things one step at a time, although this backfires constantly. Although some of her more positive traits are skin deep, she always tries to be an emotional support for the other team. This has made her a leader of sorts for the group, and has also made her become even more worried about what the others might think of her.
  9. the idea of a ranboo cookie lives rent free in my head
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