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  1. Your art style is just so ūüĎÄ
  2. Looks interesting, I might join, although I won't be active %100 of the time because of time zones
  3. Impy10

    SFS art

    i live here now
  4. omh its ralsei from deltarune

    1. polly


      omg yes its me

  5. Zix you're god

  6. It wasn't their soul, it was ours. You can move it in the birdcage.
  7. are you deflecting "the players" horrible actions on a fictional character that is actively trying to fight back? /lh
  8. is this implying that kris is evil
  9. https://r7.whiteboardfox.com/71731916-7897-3911
  10. Uhhhh whiteboard if any wants to join
  11. A sadness runs through him but with dsmp deaths???
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