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  1. jJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJjJj
  2. Yes draw my bean ^ with palette "constant rambling" because it looks pretty
  3. I just realized I misspelled Edgar Allan Poe as Edgar Allan Pie on a FR dragon and I can't anymore that's hilarious--
  5. Leafcutter ants farm mushrooms!
  6. Rating Kurzgesagt immune cells by how huggable they are big soft boi. lots of arms. definitely huggable. though since it's a phagocyte it would probably eat me first. still, good solid start. 7/10 a bit spiky for my liking. also might explode if I hugged it. it's trying though. 3/10 now that's the motherload of arms to hug you back with. I for one would definitely hug it. 9/10 just look at it and tell me you wouldn't hug it. adorable round soft body with 7 arms to hug you back with. plus it's literally called HELPER. the epitome of hugs. I made an amigurumi plushie of it for a reason. 10/10 I stand by most of the above points. points docked for being spiky though. still, very good. 8/10 well it's covered in antibodies making it looks a bit rough. but I would definitely still hug it. and as long as they don't connect to my antigens I'll be fine. 6/10 yeah, a bit too spiky for me. sorry natural killer cell. I still love you. 3/10 one of its jobs is to turn into macrophages. 7/10 I think it would rupture and release histamine if I tried to hug it. sad. I think it's worth it though. 5/10 it's just a round thing. what am I suppose to say about it. looks huggable though. 6/10 same points as above. 6/10
  7. uhhhhhh birds have hollow bones so they can fly better because they weigh less is that interesting
  8. "In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."
  9. If antimatter had won and became the most common, we would just call it matter
  10. I can make my enormous flying monstrosities purple and pink and no one can stop me >:D it's a quetzalcoatlus by the way
  11. "Three and a half stacks from the initial vomit"
  12. "He just vomited a bunch of potatoes"
  13. The closest thing you're gonna get to a face reveal: my human sona. It's basically me but way cooler
  14. Evolves from Gun
  15. Ah, must be mites. Put them next to a bunch of other nichelings, they'll clean them up Why are my nichelings on a whale?
  16. If you step on it, you will die. Stay away What do those apes do?
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