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  1. Baby shark puppy exists and you need to see it.



  2. Excuse me, random guest looking at my profile, Henlo!

    Yes, I know you're there.

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    2. GreenTheCrowFox



    3. Cloudscape -Any Pronouns-

      Cloudscape -Any Pronouns-

      EH, I got to draw with chalk like the old days (I sound old), and better yet with my sister who usually refuses to go outside, so I guess that's a yay?

    4. GreenTheCrowFox


      my little sister is always the one bugging me to go outside and do stuff with her while i'm usually trying to do my work.

  3. I has s c h o o l now

    plz don't @ me

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    2. Pancake



      Good luck ing High school-

    3. flower


      i’ll probably need it- i won’t be in high school until next year tho so i have time-

    4. Pancake
  4. nice job, literally.



  5. uh I need to say something here so....


    y e s

    1. Kira.APK
    2. GreenTheCrowFox


      idk I was b o r e d

      I am waiting for vanilla to exist again

    3. Pancake
  6. "Atoms never touch each other and we are made up of atoms meaning that we have never touched anything, so no, officer, I did not drop kick that child."

    -Ranboo at some point

  7. /vent



    I feel horrible rn

    Nothing is going too good today

    Everything just feels off

    The substitute bus driver er had no idea where she was going this morning and expected 2 tired kids to help. We couldn't 

    And then I went to horseback riding

    Pretty good, but I am so sore and tired now-

    And now I have to go back to the barn tomorrow and work even thought I am tired and suffering and I just want to rest

    I spent a bit more than 10 mins laying the floor crying

    I feel a bit better but I really just needed to vent-

  8. /vent

    (gonna do a censor cause yes)







    I feel sad and uncomfortable and I don't like it. People are arguing and nobody seems happy and I just want it to stop. I want to make everyone happy, but I have no idea how to. Somebody is obsessing over once of my characters and making me uncomfortable, another person tried to associate mental disorders with another one of my characters and I hate it.

    I'm stressed from school, there's so much I'm pushing myself to do and I need a break of some kind, but these forums are just about my entire life at this point, I can barely go an hour without it if I don't have plans.

    I want peace on the forums, but don't know how to get to it...


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    2. Modiano Ourania
    3. Modiano Ourania

      Modiano Ourania

      Hope you feel better Green, I don't know what to do or say to make you feel better

    4. polly


      oh dang-

      I agree with you there, this drama sucks :[

      I really hope you feel better soon :]

  9. @Lovely Pancake


    give me your favorite hat

    can be literally anything

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    2. Pancake


      Okay hhh

      Well here’s my top hat


    3. GreenTheCrowFox


      crap now I need an animal-

      favorite animal?

    4. Pancake



      either cat or Octopus but if we’re counting Pokemon as aminals then Sylveon

  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ST1Y6tWEioJOJFnl78ZfQ

    I give you, the best youtuber I have found yet

    1. Zixvir


      I haven't watched any videos but take this youtuber:https://www.youtube.com/c/Shadycicada/featured

    2. Pancake


      Since we’re sharing youtubers here’s Me and my brother’s favorite youtuber :]


  11. Spongebob Ight Imma Head Out Meme |  EVERYONE ON THE FORUMS WHEN I WAKE UP. | image tagged in memes,spongebob ight imma head out | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

    1. Pancake


      Why is that so true for me too though- 

  12. Bet you don't know what 14 divided by 0 is.

    1. Tundra Fawn

      Tundra Fawn

      F̴̻͒A̴̢̛̛̠̥̘̱̰͎̞͍̝̫͍̜̲͍̾̈́̾̏̊͛̀̊́͠T̴̢̬̯̳̹̞́̋́͐̑͑̃̈́́͑͘̚̚͝Ả̴̢̗͓̦̣̪͚̼͍̿͜Ļ̷̜̻̘͎̬̲͈̆̋̆̀̓̓͛̾̀̓́̍ ̸̡̧͍̞͍͉̞͇̟͇̭̓̽̈͋E̸̛͇̭̳̟̠̘̋̒̽͂R̵̡̹̲͔̟͉͈͋̎͌͠R̷̢̪̯̟͖͎̻͔̙̳͎̩̗̒̇̂̾͒̑̇͂͊͑͛̚͝͝O̷̬͇̦͎̭͔̎̇̃̔̄͑̈́́̚͝͝ͅŖ̴͔̜͙͓͍̮͎͂ͅ

    2. GreenTheCrowFox


      c o r r e c t

      (aka undefined)

  13. a w y e a


  14. Alright, I feel better now

  15. also it's my dog's birthday

    is pog

    he's best boy

    1. Pancake


      Happy birthday to him :]

    2. Zixvir


      happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear doggy,,,

      happy birthday to yu!

  16. Among us lineart u can use (it's horrible)


    1. Pancake


      w o w

      i will make art and then post it here >:]

  17. Are you sure I have made a mistake?

    If you do, how so?

    1. polly


      oop, i was gonna do something but decided not to post it, ignore that  

    2. GreenTheCrowFox
  18. Been trying to work on stuff-

    If I don't respond immediately then I am doing something or am asleep-

    Anyways, this is what I made,


  19. bruh I had like 5 hours of sleep last night


    1. polly
    2. GreenTheCrowFox


      I am only slightly tired dw

      Ima go to bed early :>>

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