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    it's either good or bad.
  2. Zixvir


    oh good it's not bad. the reason I don't like the idea is because of, the worst one.
  3. you're breaking your own rule by giving context.
  4. okay, so it's not visual. OHHHH they're long lasting smells.
  5. if you chain this you have to change your status to the chainbreak.
  6. well I don't know how to do that.
  7. Zixvir


    don't make a catboy photo.
  8. with scent. and time. or just write with it.
  9. if you chain this you have to change your status to the chainbreak.
  10. ahh, so we're doing lives now. what happens when we lose all the lives? I assume we have to become a new character. can I be an alchemy person? which would be why I have lives. how many lives will we have? Well, anyways, I assume you've gone to the nether, well, the overworld still has something to offer: a mooshroom island. You'll want to bring a map.
  11. the first one is odd. It would require either sentience, or a giant membrane that would have many scenarios.
  12. oof. I enjoy 90 degree weather, I survived a car ride with 110 degree weather. I'm also good with cold. just drink loads of water and pour some on your head. I don't live in florida, but maybe I should
  13. why not just save the files from here?
  14. well I guess you wouldn't after a few years.
  15. I'll create the first planet. what star is it located at: Zagarax What zone: In the section between the strange zone and the good zone. atmosphere material: Ne2He molucules and Cl2 molucules atmosphere length (from surface): 10,000,000 kilometers from surface starting air type material: Ne4O3N4 (I didn't intend for it to be NeON but it is.) how planet came into existence: first the core was created with asteroids of silicon, that also had, Co, and Fe, creating a core of iron, cobalt, and silicon. Then the silicon rose t
  16. why won't you tell us your intentions?
  17. I think you gave her white fur. could you change the background black and the text white?
  18. is pyro called pyro because of the black spot?
  19. just remember, that this is only wrong answers lol. why is this a thread that you'll only give wrong answers on?
  20. well 2 can play at that game! I hack your account out of existance and mail you enough money to buy minecraft. it's not digiatally, so you can't trace it to a computer. ohhhh. But you ARE a sentient plant. do you do morse code with scent? or do you have many scents for different meanings?
  21. essentially, what are your intentions. take over the world. That's literally why this group exists.
  22. though you might still wanna check the planet builder. unless you meant you don't wanna play, which is fine.
  23. that's fine! I'll make a planet. I just realized, er, a while ago I realized that we're gonna want to start with a planet that can support the same stuff as earth, because non carbon based life-forms would be difficult. of course, if the same asteroid of biology hits another planet it'll have to be a life-form that is the same type as the other planet that had a similar asteroid. for example, a carbon based life-form. If it survives, then it's still a caarbon based life-form, but the other planet will be different, as it will have to add matierials that normal carbon based lifef
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