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  1. That laughter reminded me of my childhood character stories lol
  2. I’m from may 2018, but the other 2 are from like late 2017
  3. I’m from 2018 too, at least my old account. I joined in may or something. Sky and Magicmoonss are pretty og too (I think from 2017?)
  4. I’m gonna do something different from my usual characters. Name: Nonerovan (called “despicable nicheling” by his tribe) Gender: He-Him Age: 3 gems Appearance: Yellow fur, 2 runner legs, normal body, long nose, normal hind legs, fluffy tail, normal ears. Strengths: - He’s very cautious with everything so he can notice sus stuff. -He’s good at building and crafting stuff which can be useful. -Is pretty loyal to friends Weaknesses: -He’s very kind, which I guess can be bad in a survival game. -Kinda weak and shy -He falls in love easily and makes him behave stupidly. History: Will be revealed over time, can be sent in DM. Other: Gay boi Discord Username: mt26#6377
  5. For some reason I never get notifications of the posts people I follow do. I just get notified of the posts I follow and when I’m quoted.
  6. I will probably have rooms with books to read, a videogame room, a room for drawing. Maybe have my bedroom in a room that has large windows and a nice view. Also have rooms for my dogs, also a room to dump all my drawings and architecture models. I would like a cat and maybe he’ll live in a hidden room so my parents don’t find it lol.
  7. Ooo, that’s cool!
  8. It is because some nichelings are smarter and remove the poisonous spikes from the berries but others just bite them and get poisoned. You should give your nichelings the high intelligence gene. If you put nichelings in 2 ports, do you travel to 2 islands?
  9. Same lol, my elemental nishlings XD
  10. Whoops yea XD Im used to writing that phrase there
  11. Welcome to the forums to both of you!
  12. They are not bleeding, the leech is. Nichelings suck the blood out of leeches. What are those fox things in the snow island?
  13. They are accessories that they can wear, depending on the game mode some will use them or not. Some nichelings don’t like them and others have a ton of them. Others can wear things like bones instead. is there a human biome in niche?
  14. You can’t kill them, they have 15 defense so nothing can hurt them. You can still give them clams and they will give you crab genes. When a nicheling catches a leech does it become food?
  15. Congrats! It doesn’t ship here but maybe I can ask someone from my US family to get it for me.
  16. Please no sexual stuff, it’s against the rules.
  17. You need to go to the game files and change it there, there is no real way of changing it’s name. It used to be possible until someone began naming all their nichelings “dirt” so the predators thought they were dirt and didn’t attack them so it was considered cheating and was removed. What happens if a nicheling jumps into the sea when it’s an island without ocean floor tiles?
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