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  1. oki, but please vote for someone else's for this version.
  2. This one is the valid one, vote for your favorite nightmare!
  3. I’m just gonna delete this later and do it tomorrow when I have my computer
  4. Sorry to make 2 polls but my phone is being laggy. JUST VOTE IN ONE
  5. Tonight I will begin the poll to see who wins
  6. Sure, I like the new version a lot more
  7. Submit 1-3 pieces of your oldest and cringiest niche art and then we will vote to see who wins the ugliest art award.
  8. So I found a kinda old comic of the faction wars and it’s really cringe. XD
  9. Don’t worry mines were way WAY worse. Yours are kinda cute
  10. You guys can add a pic and a description of them if you want
  11. Poison fangs for Adam (short snout for Com S) 2 runner legs normal back legs and body (big body for Com O) no horns Medium tail
  12. Not really, in his original version he did but in his current one no
  13. I remember the OCs of some of you guys but maybe they have changed or I have forgotten them. Mine is Adam the Second, originally the leader of my story mode game from 2018. But he is now part of an animated series where he used to be the president of a faction called N.A.G or N.N.A (National Alliance Group or New National Alliance depending on what rp you have seen) that was a ww2 tech faction that fought in a war with the dictator Purrdolf and his successor Eatler but was defeated by Stalindog. After surrendering his faction was disbanded but many years later they got independence from the Soviet Union and made a new faction called Lobos (means wolves on Spanish) and currently they are part of a series where they have advanced and have space era tech and cool spaceships. Random art of him. He is currently more like an OC species based on Nichelings so he doesn’t has gems or ram horns anymore.
  14. Adam the Second and Commander S. Probably my current favorites
  15. I have seen ppl nominate a ton of ppl so I’m gonna update mine since I didn’t knew I could nominate so many Best rp/playthrough @Sky @Chousbbs Best art @Moptimus Prime @CATFISHPARTY @Renio2490 friends @Magicmoonss @Renio2490 @Sky @Moptimus Prime @UWOaether @Chousbbs Honorable mentions @Green(I still have your clay Nicheling from last Christmas lol) @flower -she-he-(thanks for that Adam drawing you did for me a while ago and being part of my new war rp for a bit) @FawnCat (you seem like a kind person, sorry for last year’s thing)
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