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2 hours ago, Ourania said:

The journey is hardous, with a severe storm hindering the clan's progress. By the time they finally reach the new territory, 3 cats have fallen.




Man that's tough. Do you roll for who dies during the journey? 

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24 minutes ago, Chiyanna said:

Man that's tough. Do you roll for who dies during the journey? 

No, i just had to leave 3 nichelings behind and those three i chose to stay behind because they were the most expendable to my vague plans

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(i have rolled for all afab cats if they would want to get pregante)


Petalsnow and Rookstorm had 3 kits. They will raise them together as co-parents


oh yeah also Thundershine and Splinterstripe are mates now

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I have been busy this week and I'm generally demotivated but I continued a bit

Willowmoon and Runningflame had another kit, a tom named Mallowkit (I wanted to call him Starkit but then he rolled the leader ambition so i thought mayyybe that wasnt a good idea).

Thundershine and Splinterstripe adopted a litter of three kits: Brushkit, Longkit and Sunnykit.

Rookstorm is going to step down from deputyship to be a permanent nursery caretaker, but i still haven't decided who his successor will be. I don't want one of Hawstar's kits to succeed her but then the only options are Runningflame and Thundershine.

Monkeyfoot and Redeyes have retired to the elders' den

Cannapaw has earned xeir full name: Cannamist

I think that's it

I'm going to make allegiances now

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Hawkstar: Medium-Furred Brown Tabby Molly

Apprentice: Rosepaw


Rookstorm: Short-Furred Black and White Tom


Willowmoon: Medium-Furred Gray Colorpoint Cat

Cannamist: Spiky-Furred Cream-Brown Torbie Deplhine


Runningflame: Long-Furred Ginger Tabby Tom with protruding fangs

Thundershine: Medium-Furred Yellow Tabby Tom

Piperleap: Short-Furred genetically impossible Gray and Brown Cat

Apprentice: Silverpaw

Splinterstripe: Short-Furred Brown Tabby Cat

Apprentice: Tinypaw

Pebbletail: Medium-Furred Pale Brown Tabby Tom with a bushy tail


Tinypaw: Short-Furred Gray and White Cat

Rosepaw: Long-Furred Red and White Tom

Silverpaw: Long-Furred Gray and White Molly


Petalsnow: Medium-Furred Pink Colorpoint Tom


Brushkit: Short-Furred Tortoiseshell Molly with a twisted jaw

Longkit: Long-Furred Tortoiseshell Tom with an unusually long snout

Sunnykit: Short-Furred Light Brown Tom

Mallowkit: Medium-Furred Gray Colorpoint Tom


Redeyes: Long-Furred White Molly with unnerving red eyes

Monkeyfoot: Short-Furred Flame Point Tom with a twisted jaw

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A bearyena breaks into camp and attacks Hawkstar. She, Rookstorm and Thundershine fight it until Splinterstripe's patrol (consisting of himself and the new warriors, Tinybounce and Rosefur) arrives to finally chase it away. There are no major injuries, though Rookstorm, Tinybounce and Rosefur will have a scar


Rookstorm is made Brushpaw's mentor, Runningflame is given Longpaw, and Sunnypaw is given to his uncle Petalsnow.


Sunnypaw is a mischievous tom, getting along with Redeyes due to their shared love of pranks. Petalsnow is pretty much the only one who can get him to behave, thus he was made mentor despite their close kinship


(Rosefur and Tinybounce's sister was named Silverpool, Mallowpaw was apprenticed to young Pebbletail)

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Piperleap gets severely wounded by a different rogue. While it will leave a scar, they have no permanent injuries. Hawkstar starts to make plans to drive out the rogues


At least this is an opportunity for Piperleap to interact with their younger sibling Cannamist, becoming friends with xem and Rosefur.

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Redeyes passes away in the night, leaving her mate Monkeyfoot and her friend Sunnypaw heartbroken. A vigil is held the next day.




Pebbletail uses this time to slip away from the Clan's territory, not realizing Mallowpaw is following him...


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Pebbletail finallly catches Mallowpaw following him. He tells the apprentice to go back to camp, though Mallowpaw refuses to leave him alone. After some arguing, Pebbletail concedes and the two officially start traveling together.



Meanwhile in camp, Petalsnow calls the alarm that Mallowpaw and Pebbletail are missing. The clan thought they were out training, but it's been too long. Rookstorm starts organizing patrols to find the missing cats.


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One day, Hawkstar suddenly drops dead. The clan is very freaked out about this.

Rookstorm refuses to succeed her, stating his age and plans to retire as the reason. The clerics are called in to figure this situation out, eventually coming to an agreement with Rookstorm that he would temporarily lead the clan while they waited for an omen.


Hawkstar's kits and grandkits mourn her

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Cannamist claims to have received an omen saying that Piperleap should be the next leader, which the clan mostly agrees with. They are granted their nine lives and renamed Piperstar. They name Thundershine as deputy, much to the now Elder Rookstorm's chagrin.



And then Runningflame died of what was supposed to be a mild illness...


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Tinybounce gives birth to a single kit with no known partner. The birth was difficult due to the kit's size, and she was born weak. Tinybounce names her Lionkit in hopes it would grant her strenght. Thundershine offers to take in Lionkit, but Tinybounce wants to try raising the kit first.


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Thundershine and Splinterstripe gained two more kits, Hawkkit and Wheatkit.


Meanwhile, on another side of the island, a misclick happened.


The kit is named Maplekit. Pebbletail is considering sending Mallowpaw back to the clan so that he and Maplekit will be safe.

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