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Sudden increase in air resistance

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I was in an asteroid field doing a "disrupt fracking operations" mission.  The world has no air resistance and I was zipping around just fine.  At some point during play, air resistance suddenly became high and stayed that way for the rest of the mission.  I am sketchy on details as to whether anything triggered this.

Version 0.7.4, researcher campaign, galaxy #3.

All I remember is that it happened after I ventured into the centre and saw the (shielded) fracking base.  I was positioned underneath, and unloaded my weapons at the underside of the asteroid it's perched on (to see whether I could damage the terrain).  I was equipped with plasma rocket launchers and kinetic blasters, each with both bullet count and projectile life upgrades.

The only other thing I recall prior to then is one of those little blue crystal native creatures harrassing me, which resulted in a lot of me flying around bumping into stuff.

I've also attached a GIF of something else I saw in that same run, with some weird collision glitch which you can see on the left side of the screen.  Dunno if that's relevant or not.


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Yeah I wondered if it's not an air resistance thing at all.  It could be mass related, and just feels like resistance when thrusters lose effectiveness.  Still, in a zone with no air resistance, the drone surely shouldn't be decelerating when not under thrust.

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