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  1. It's not just all the parts that produce an initial signal. There could also an arbitrary number of logic blocks attached to those sensors (e.g. a large number of batteries ANDed together). Ideally the initial state would be the steady state if one exists or any state within a loop at least if the loop isn't enormous).
  2. Eldrad

    batteries not giving power (definitely connected)

    This sounds like the issue of when the battery is printed it starts giving the signal that it is full, however the login circuits all look at the previous time step (before the battery was printed) when there is no full signal. I believe the next patch has a fix for this, but is it possible your logic is doing something unexpected when the battery is printed but all your sensors are still not receiving the full signal?
  3. This has a significant added advantage of allowing us to write more modular code (particularly if these blocks can be nested within each other). Ideally a single block could be written in one place then referenced by multiple drones. And if updated would be updated for all drones.
  4. Eldrad

    Standardize PvP

    I believe that would eliminate the problem.
  5. With far fewer sensors you should be able to do it in a single (very slow) circumnavigation by going up and down between min and max altitudes.
  6. Fly in a pattern that will take you near all the viable hopper locations and stop the pattern when your containers are empty. It's slow but would work.
  7. Eldrad

    Standardize PvP

    There appear to be significant differences in the evaluation of sumo matches on different hardware (beyond just uniform randomness). I suspect it's due to different numbers of times (and the spacing between) logic/sensors/collisions are evaluated in a match. The result is different drones perform better or worse depending on the hardware of the observer. There are a couple different ways to address this but they're likely all pretty significant development time. On the other hand I'm concerned the PvP won't sustain interest without everyone being able to observe similar outcomes from the same drone fights. Supposedly the Bumpercar 6 vs CyberpunkBeyblade is a reasonable example of these results (which one wins a higher % of the time shifts between lower end and higher end hardware). I haven't tested it myself.
  8. Eldrad

    Linkable gates / Smaller gates?

    An and-gate and the toggle switches are a pretty straight forward transistor which will get you modern computers which are turning complete as long as you're willing to fudge on the issue of your read/write tape not actually being infinite (but limited by how much RAM/disk the system has or in this case how many logic blocks you dedicated to storage). If you use factories you could have a horizontal line of blocks (1) or empty space (0) a read head of a distance sensor and a write head which either destroyed the block or printed a new one. Then you'd get a literal Turing Machine inside the game (though it's still be running on physical hardware with finite limits). And actually making the heads move with repeatable precision and would be hard.
  9. Eldrad

    Tags nuisence removal

    You don't need to hit delete. If you start typing it will replace the existing text. That being said there is certainly a lot of room for UX improvements.
  10. Eldrad

    Linkable gates / Smaller gates?

    Poor UX isn't a good source of extending game play. These systems are sufficiently complex. In fact they are Turing Complete, making them as complicated as the computers there running on. If so inclined one could make a drone which itself was an implementation of Nimbatus (it would be really hard and the result would be at best incredibly slow if it didn't just out right break, but theoretically possible). My point is making it easier to work with the editor won't reduce the number of hours you could spend making interesting things, it will just make you able to make more interesting things per hour.
  11. I never got that thing to work... but how would something like Salt Levels Rising handle an enemy core stuck to its side rear? Wouldn't it just spin in a circle with its core tracing a larger circle and the thing stuck to it tracing a smaller one? Also D.Mentia seems to have come up with a solid counter to that style of pusher by having a spinning drone with a series of flexible parts sticking out (springs/hinges). Tends to both do a lot of damage and generally prevent the pusher from being able to look straight at the core.
  12. Eldrad

    Rotate drone core in editor

    It's pretty important in sumo.
  13. Eldrad

    Sumo Arena Needs a Ladder System

    Strongly agree that a more robust match making system would go a long way to making the PvP more fun for a wide audience. Though I would recommend resisting the urge to use signals other than win/lose to rank performance it will most likely reduce the accuracy of your evaluation. I.e. don't look at the number of blocks used, just look at the outcome of the matches it's played. I expect there's an open source implementation of Glicko for unity which you could probably get working without too much effort. If not then Elo should work well enough. Assuming you don't want to license TrueSkill from Microsoft.
  14. That's attempting to stick your core to any surface of the opponent which is not the front.
  15. It's not very good but is a reasonable proof of concept. Not sure I have time to make it work consistently. Think you'd need to have the magnets quickly cascade in switching from repelling to attracting. That only took 45 blocks, so there's some room to make the core into a center seeker after it's attached (or if it doesn't attach). Also could have a bit of anti-carrier precautions, though ultimately this design will have a lot problems with carriers/shields.