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  1. I started in a rainforest once. I got my high score there. I just kept breeding and every time I was down to one nicheling a wanderer would come to breed.
  2. Also, how long have you survived in that jungle? (My high score is about 100 days.)
  3. So where is the print screen button? (Is it a button?)
  4. You may have to wait a while for him. Steam won't open so I can't give you the screenshot. Stupid steam.
  5. Renio2490


    I remember Nisa. Oh wait you didn't read that much. In the books now he'z got a mate. He is no longer a brat.
  6. Renio2490


    Were you thinking about Taqqiq as the brat polar bear? Ujurak is a grizzly bear. If your gonna read seekers I suggest reading all of the books before.
  7. I have a windows. It's just the little shift and tab thing tells me I can take screenshots. I don't know why it won't say that anymore. I've tried doing it when the shift and tab didn't appear, it didn't take a screenshot. I would go into steam and press play on niche. But steam doesn't want to open.
  8. UGH. Steam won't open either. Actually, none of the things on my desktop won't open. I do something about it. Thanks for the advice! I'll use it when steam stops being a idiot.
  9. I also have that icon. It just stopped letting me take screenshots one day.
  10. *Cough* How do you copy and paste? I'm a idiot.
  11. May I give you a Nicheling? (Make him want you want)
  12. One problem, Niche doesn't have the little thing that says Shift And Tab To Access Steam. So I can't take screenshots. Any ideas on how to fix this? I really want to start a play through of niche on the forums.
  13. Renio2490


    I'm almost done with all of them. My life is ending.
  14. Maybe I should use that file I keep refusing to delete but I don't play... Sure. It has all the heat genes unlocked. I will also do that. So the only genes I won't have unlocked are the cold genes.
  15. I can use the console, I actually use it very often. I don't know how to unlock all the genes if that's what your saying. Is there a command for that?
  16. Renio2490


    Also, what's your favorite character?
  17. Renio2490


    HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW WHAT SEEKERS IS? Kallik, Toklo, Lusa, Taqqiq, Hashi, Miki, Yakone, Chenoa, Hakan, Shesh, Ossi, Tibik, Hala, Yas, Wapi, Flo, Fala, Ashia, King, Yogi, Taktuq, Kimissi, Ujurak, Shila, add more to this list of Seekers characters. I know I'm missing some because I can't remember how to spell there names. So you know what Seekers is? Also, you can talk about things that happen in the seekers series. (SPOILERS Like Kallik's mother dying or Lusa getting lost)
  18. Can you explain the food part? I don't really understand
  19. Send me Niche challenges. I can't find anything to do in niche right now, so yeah. I don't know what to put here.
  20. My hand is going to be broken.
  21. Good bye giant note pad, time to spend my day writing these down.
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