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  1. Basil

    I'm going to edit the niche wiki page

    I would check but I'm at school and apparently the Niche wiki is too offensive so my school blocked it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Basil

    Favorites Squad

    we all must join Ralsei in the dance of eradication
  3. No in all honesty and being serious this is gonna be freaking amazing for Wolf Pack challenges or Warrior Cat challenges man
  4. Basil

    New bears?

    Currently, with a sudden spark of inspiration, I'm sort of redesigning the bears lmao If I'm able to get a new computer I'll post a pic of what I'm doing to redesign them. Originally I thought that the brown bear was vicious so I kinda based it off a badger and a bearyena mix and made it aggressive, more aggressive than normal bearyenas. I called this bear the "Badger Bearyena". It's also slightly larger than the regular bearyena. This bear is highly aggressive and is slightly stronger than the average bearyena, constantly following and attacking your creatures until it's killed. For the green bear I made it a "Spectacled Bearyena" based of the spectacled bear that is generally peaceful in the wilds. It sticks to eating plants and berries, similar to the description of the green bear. This bear is slightly smaller than your average bearyena and is more skittish and less dangerous. Only attacks you if you attack it. It's also weaker than the average bearyena. I have designs but I have no idea how to post them up in the forms cause I don't have a good phone (takes bad/blurry pics) and it can't access the forums, I'll figure it out somehow ^^
  5. I looked through this forum twice and I couldn't find anything similar to this idea, so if you see something like this just link it to me ^^ Basically I was thinking that you could edit the amount of creatures that spawn on the island you're on and so forth. For example, you could pick your island and go to "Island Settings" or something like that. Then you could go to "Creature Count" or "Creature Spawn Rates" or even "Entity Spawn Rate" and then you can come up to a list of multiple creatures in the game, including Bearyenas and Nichelings. You could edit how many spawn in one day and how often they spawn. It could be something like this; Bearyena Maximum Count: ## Minimum Count: ## Spawning Frequency: ## every ## days. And for food like berry bushes and acorn trees: Berry Bush Maximum Count: ## Minimum Count: ## Amount of food regrown each day: ## per day. Add on to what you think would also be nice here!
  6. Basil

    Insectivorous nichelings

    This looks so good! I love how serious it is! Perhaps the eyes could be facing forward a little bit more since they're a bit stuck out to the side ^^
  7. Basil

    So... many... bushes...

    I mean... if you found a poison fanged wanderer or something venomous that would be heaven for you!
  8. Basil

    100 hour anniverary

    Hopefully for Christmas I'll get an entirely new computer cause for one, my hard-drive broke and second, my original computer is almost ten years old now, so I think it's about time to get a new one! My hour count will literally skyrocket... By the way, does the hour count stay the same even if you play on a different computer? Like does it save from the previous computer
  9. Basil

    100 hour anniverary

  10. Basil

    New bears?

    Lemme just be purely honest: I don't like the new bears... mostly because of their humanoid like features. Both of them look too human, in fact. The hands is the biggest issue I have, along with the posture they have. When I was thinking of new bears I was thinking of something similar to the Bearyena. Looks like a wild animal that could cause harm, right? Bearyenas look like Nichelings somewhat, featuring similar characteristics. These two bears, however, don't give me the same feeling. Just being brutally honest here w h e e z e
  11. Basil

    New bears?

    To be honest I'm not really sure how'd I react if I saw this face come out of the grass and confront my creatures lmao Maybe... change the eyes...? So they.. aren't so u h.. stalkerish? XD
  12. Dunno, but when I reversed searched the image is said "Ireland Basalt Columns" so I'm not really sure tbh
  13. Coincidence? I think not These are called Ireland Basalt Columns
  14. Basil

    Wolf Challenge

    How would ranks work in this challenge? Like how would you know what creatures would be marked as omega or something? I suppose you could pick your omegas and betas and stuff, but say you could keep a rouge born child to be omega?