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  1. Basil


    Oh... so much war... but I do gladly accept Mango and Raccie's offerings to this feast. - Dragon Tear
  2. Basil


    How about we... we have a nice feast? We shall all gather together to speak even terms with one another... and avoid war at the same time. You can bring any goods you wish to supply for the feast, whether it be the juiciest of clams or the toughest toxic berries. - With care, Dragon Tear
  3. Basil

    Development WIP

    Dude, I'm going to scare my parents even more while talking about my bat-winged insect snouted toxic-bodied webbed-hindlegged crippled paw diggers paw hammer tail horned hybrids! that was a mouthful! ouch
  4. Basil

    Share your favourite wanderers!

    Dragon Tear has a lot of versions doesn't she
  5. I can send your kingdom many healing fruits and leaf wraps for the injured. As of now our supplies are overflowing thanks to the warm season settling in the dense jungles of my colony. Such a shame... I wish war didn't have to be this way. Especially this said 'Purrdolf Hitfur'. I honestly hope he does not near my colony... I do not wish to use force. - With care, Dragon Tear
  6. Basil

    Paracosmic's Storylets

    Ahh I understand business across the board... gee freshman year is a pain for me. Also, Tiny Green is quite literally my favorite island (to just... start on) cuz you can survive with so many creatures because of how abundant with food and stuff it is!
  7. hah no that's resira- wh- wait a minute
  8. Wish I had more pics of my precious boy tho, might have jogged your memory better in a way? But this could be a sign that Meringue was with my Niche competition all along oo
  9. Basil

    Testing Stuff (aka I'm a Nichebuster!)

    That would actually be horrifying JUST IMAGINE YOU CANT GET THEM OFF THE PORTS
  10. My sweet Apple. Sorry for the terrible pic, this is literally the only picture I have of him sadly ;; DONT FORGET THOSE GREEN EYES
  11. Basil

    Paracosmic's Storylets

    This is really nice and well thought out! I sure hope you continue! I truly love to read these, ahh I love your writing style too I'm in love ❀️
  12. Basil

    Poop's evil Empire

    How dare you! I knew, despite the rough circumstances, that you could not be trusted. Shame on my foolishness to oversee this hidden danger. Do not try anything! I am only going to warn you once! - With unexpected anger, Dragon Tear
  13. Oh, my word, are you all alright? What in the name of the gods has happened to your kingdom? Most of all, is Ossen alright? I think I need to discuss matters with him specifically... just so others cannot hear and perhaps attempt to spread false rumors. - With lots of care, Dragon Tear
  14. Ah, what a shame. I do wish you well on your travels. i knew it - Dragon Tear