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  1. Basil

    Hey, look

    wow that's really cool how in the world did you manage to get that so perfect without it breaking?
  2. i have so many i think its damaging my health these arent even all of them
  3. oh, sorry! I thought you invited me take your time ^^
  4. ok so I seem to be having a few issues... there's no pending invites currently is there a specific version I should be on? Or anything else?
  5. aa thank you! I may join tonight but only for a short while. It's very late right now... 😅
  6. hi, i'm late ^^ is it alright if I join? I've been playing mc a lot recently and have been lookin for people to play with User is VelixBlu (ik ik, i made it when I was 13, k? )
  7. that interpretation of yourself is adorable imo and yes, yes you are wish i was too fjfkfj
  8. hm, maybe. I guess I think it looks weird because it's on the face rather than the leg. and yeah spitsnouts arent symmetrical either, but their entire head shape isn't so I kinda got used to that. I love it tho!
  9. lol really beat myself up on this one. spit snout because my teeth are absolutely horrid (i have braces dw), short sighted eyes because i have glasses, and one crippled paw because my left arm is incredibly weak. Also im kinda plain and basic so here I am haha rest is kinda self explanatory I guess
  10. i dont care if it isnt. it's so adorable. she has mask pattern, by the way
  11. Basil


    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone ❤️
  12. Basil


    Hey everyone Sorry I haven't been active for a few months and vanished out of the blue, life got in the way lmao Anyways since school is starting up, I probably wont be very active? But I wanna get on more and be apart of the community more than I have been But yeah time to catch up on the 700 notifications I have haha
  13. I mean, maybe have like, a base poll to start with A ton of collected songs people have suggested, people vote on which ones from there they want Then the ones with the most votes go onto the next poll... then so on basically Honestly I'm up for anything tbh lol
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