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  1. both these songs are incredible AAA i'd love to participate wowow
  2. holyyy you can get so creative with these omg so awesome!
  3. Basil


    THIS IS SO GOOD AAA i love me some s ne k
  4. of course i dont have pc or mac at the moment, gonna miss this opportunity dang 😔
  5. Basil

    Roleplay poll

    cats vs birds kingdom sounds amazing
  6. and maybe you can choose how many babies you want to see from the pair at a time, like maybe seeing up to 6 possible babies at a time
  7. take your time! i know the school pain too well bro
  8. aw man well then how bout just orange fur with white pattern 👀
  9. i admire you came back literally almost after a year this is amazing also to suggest one to make... orange toxic body with any white pattern i have whataburger on the mind im hungry also a boy bearyena ears orange eyes runners leg/nimble fingers anddd you can do whatever you want for the rest of the genes, just make it what you think looks good or something 😅
  10. man i made a clan map a long time ago, i wonder if i can find mine
  11. maybe put the separate ideas in each separate posts since we can upvote specifically 👀 these are really good ideas tho, the distasteful appearance for females would be cool but rouge males are probably the most distasteful thing out there so i don't think it'd work unfortunately more height/fallen logs would be nice detail additions too, making the environment more realistic and appealing
  12. thats beautiful!
  13. definitely discord yes
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