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  1. Omg i see my DT baby!! ❤️ If it's possible can you make it go a little slower? (the transitions from frame to frame) I just wanna get a good look at the Nichelings, it's fine if you can't ^^
  2. I really wanna draw her now. (Not supporting the tracing part, I just... wanna draw Meme... lol)
  3. holy moly things are taking a turn for the worse i like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Was gonna post somethin on this topic but I figured I might be a lil bit too late (plus you already posted it lol) Glad that guy is finally where he should be though! Honestly only thought he was some tracer... guess not..
  5. i'd sign up but the duolingo owl is holding my family captive because i haven't done my spanish- I meaN- MUY BIEN!! HABLA ESPANO- HOY NO CAZADOR- liberar a mi familia por favor
  6. DUDE- I LOVE ZOO TYCOON 2! i may or may not have put so many mods into it that the textures started swapping entities whoops hehe I would play that game for hours at a time! Funny story on the steps it took to finally get the game, too. I was introduced to Zoo Tycoon 2 over YouTube and, because animals were involved, immediately became obsessed with it. I begged my dad over and over until he finally agreed to go to the store to get it (after like, 2 months of begging tho since it was close to my b-day) Err long story short it wasn't at the store. Turns out it was only being sold online. I didn't find out till a month later rip 10 year old me lol So then, I finally got it! WHen it came in the mail I was super hyped, got it downloaded, and started playing! But I accidentally bought the Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection edition. NO COMPLAINTS THERE AMIRITE anyways that's my story also, i've never heard about Wildlife Park 3. It just doesn't ring a bell. I'll watch the video!
  7. Oh boy, when I had a computer I loved using the mouse in ms paint. Mostly because it scared people Mostly because I just enjoyed it... it helped with my hands a lot. Also I have a tablet, and my screen on my computer was touch, so I used those ways too! Honestly just keep practicing. Draw just... something, anything at least once a day. I'd say mark your "One Drawing a Day" start, wait a year (yeah ik that's a long time) then come back to that same day a year later. YOU WILL SEE THE IMPROVEMENTS I SwEAR
  8. I was going to do Dragon Tear but decided Crimson might be better suited for this kind of environment. I don't know his exact fur color genes... but I think his main fur is red+black, mane is red+black... and claws are also red+black (since they don't really look pink). He has violet eyes obviously, too... and everything else is pretty self exploratory ^^
  9. Yeah, but you're all good don't worry about it lol
  10. I was working and suddenly heard PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING but im here sorry for legit vanishing from the forums ;-;
  11. I think so. Like, you can get the raccoon pattern achievement, so why not have a raccoon nicheling to represent that?
  12. Welcome back! Also upvoted, I love this so much!
  13. Oooookay so I'm slightly late to the party. But I have a suggestion! So I can tell (even if they haven't commented) that lots of people probably want one of their main Nichelings (for example, Meringue, DT, Ossen, etc.) as a plushie. Maybe, if this does get confirmed and ends up working out, there can be a "design a plushie raffle/drawing" of sorts? SO basically you can enter this raffle/drawing, and say, I dunno... 25 people are selected. Those 25 can submit pictures of their Nichelings so they can become plushies! Also, I WILL GIVE YOU MY COLLEGE SAVINGS FOR THESE PLUSHIES okay maybe not that far but you get the idea
  14. OH. MY GOD. NICHE PLUSHIES? TAKE MY MONEY Alsoooo my favorite Nicheling? Uh- I know the seemingly obvious answer would be Dragon Tear but I don't want her to always be my go-to (since I literally only have like, a total of 20 screenshots from the game and yada yada) SOOOo NO COMMENT
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