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  1. I had a long chat with someone on discord... I feel pretty good I don't think conversations online are the same as conversations in person, but still. I could do it. When not too long ago, I was horribly anxious whenever I wrote a single word. Even when the conversation started, I had no confidence in myself to do it But I still did it Maybe there's hope for desperately lonely, anxious me Maybe I can escape the spiral I'm trapped in and with that I must say goodnight
  2. Ok, I still like that also love how I forgot the name of star wars episode 5
  3. TundraBirb


    (I changed my name to better fit with the rest of you)
  4. TundraBirb


    maybe I'm not speaking english
  5. TundraBirb


    (the real kurzgesagt duck is called the black scoter, btw)
  6. TundraBirb


    The entire company, everyone there
  7. TundraBirb


    (you don't have to if you don't want to this is just a dumb suggestion)
  8. TundraBirb


    Compromise: be the real life kurzgesagt duck
  9. I put a tiny white . in between the characters :.) Unfortunately it doesn't work on mobile as the buttons aren't there on the mobile website and I don't think bbcode works on this forum
  10. Short break from kurz for my new christmas pfp
  11. Me on this thread lately: haha kurzgesagt drawings go brrrrr
  12. I'm gonna do this too oh my god this is beautiful anyway 1: uh they like to kill things? that's not really a personality but how the heck do you make a personality from that 2: they could be a therapist? 3: they can't remember where they came from (in a spiral of ants) 4: they are friends with a literal ball of neutrons with inconceivable amounts of mass 5: "But Karid, my mother is Satan's wife" "Linda, what are you doing?!" 6: ????? I don't even know 7: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh? 8-9: their hobbies are being a sentient homicidal arcade machine and being angry
  13. Your art style is adorable :.O
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