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  1. "in the end it's a complete waste of time but, yknow at least it can be a cheap waste of time
  2. 7 foot rats rats along his rats
  3. you can start without me maybe i will overthink it for 1 month and then i will join or i will forget and never join
  4. PEPPER you al.most have 100 subscribers omg i thought you had like 30 lets go lets go
  5. they said the milk was fine but i smelled it again just to make sure it wasnt my little brain making stuff up and it IT LITERALLY SMELLS SO ROTTEN
  6. ace attorney guy i forgot his name
  7. did i already say ningguang ily
  8. this luo qiao girl sounds familiar
  9. i googled flowers that look like a dress GOOGLE NOT DRESSES THAT LOOK LIKE FLOWERS. IDIOT. DUMMY. GOD
  10. guys do you know any flowers that point down so that they can look like a dress i need to draw themRIGHT NOW
  11. mushroom tipping his [looks at writing on back of hand] Cap like a fedora and saying mlady
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