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  1. Literally anything Ocs Warriors Wof Anything, bestie πŸ‘
  2. [This game includes death and most likely really gore-y stuff, though the gore descriptions will be hidden by quotes!] "You really think this is a good idea?" "Yea, of course, we're stuck here, why not set up camp?" "Yea, but this place give me bad vibes... WHAT WAS THAT??" "Aw c'mon, you're just Seeing Things." - Hello one and all! Multi-fandom rp but it's a game of werewolf! Your characters are transported from whatever world they're in for who knows what reason, so they decide to set up camp, but unlucky them, they get cursed. The 'Werewolves' are actually huge terrifying monsters, but you get it. - ROLES Monster/Cursed Acts as the werewolf of our game! At night, these players become huge monsters with a hunger for blood. 1-2 players depending on how many people join. Each night, these players decide on 1 person to kill, or they may choose to not kill somebody. Seer The one who knows all, they can tell if you're cursed. 1 player. Each night, this player will decide on 1 person to see if they are cursed. But there may or may not be the slight chance of this prediction being wrong. Healer Magical healing powers has been gifted to them. Will they use it correctly? 1 player. Each night, this player will choose 1 person to heal. If the person is attacked by the monsters, they will be saved. Players Basic person, there's nothing special about u lmao. All other players Nothing really special about you, just one of the people who got wrapped up in this mess! - Voting Every day, you get to vote on who you think the cursed players are, and they will be killed. You get to discuss and once you are all done discussing, just @ me and I will put them on trial, during this trial the player accused of being cursed will get to speak, and then there will be another vote to see if they get voted off. Votes can be anonymous or public. - Characters N/A - Dead N/A - Joining Honestly just give me their name, looks, fandom, and any other info you want to give me. [I AM NOT CURRENTLY ADDING PEOPLE SINCE I AM VERY STRESSED OUT, TY FOR UNDERSTANDING <3]
  4. (reminder, he's writing this all on a school chromebook lmao)
  5. (Wait has Tango been shrunk or is he still big compared to the other person?) Nope, he wasn't dealing with a scavenger today. It went to go explore the forest.
  6. Pooly, reminding you this exists, no pressure to pick it up again, just love RoR
  7. Name: Tango Age: 23 years old Sexuality: Pan Gender/Pronouns: Demi-boy, He/It Appearance: Other notes: Introvert, but the kind of introvert that doesn't have anxiety, just hates people. Wings of fire oc. Rain/Hive wing. Red and bright yellow scales can change color. Fangs, but no magical death spit.
  9. Pandora was still thinking... what if she could transform into animals like that goddess did? Hmm... "Huh?-" she said when she heard them talking about leaving. "Oh, ok, cool..." She said, still not fully picking up on what was going on.
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