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  1. Hello there, Green. Do you have any interest in nichelings?

    1. GreenTheGreat


      yea! I found these forums through niche! 

    2. ChangingSparks


      That is good to hear, Green. I am currently running a Niche RP known as ‘The Hunted’ and I need new members to join it. I have currently been scouting out people on the forums and while I have four members, I still need six more. Hence why I have found you, one of many on the forums. In my Niche RP, the only things that you will need a character with an appearance, personality, and backstory (optional but recommended). I will also need your Discord account (if you have one) due to the fact that I’m hosting the role-playing part of the RP there. If you are interested, here is the link to the RP. I would understand if you are uninterested or otherwise busy, however.



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