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  1. @STM Are you sure? Strange I just checked it and it worked for me. Are you sure you are using the captain (in the campaign mode) and have placed the resource tank properly in the container? [edit] it seems to work in the creative mode as well, if you select the "wireless resource transfer" option. hmm
  2. Have you installed the game in Steam? Right-click on the game in the library and then choose properties. There should be a beta tab where you can enter the password "imadeabackup ". Which is the last step which works for you?
  3. Good idea or just jump into a random spot in the track when a lot of time passed during editing.
  4. Please test pistons and try to break them
  5. No worries @CM MOUNIR. Every suggestion is welcome As corona_wind said, if we have time, we sort the forum threads by max-vote count and then see if we can implement those features. If the a certain feature is wished for several times but the votes are split in many threads, we might miss a popular request. So community members help to bringt threads/votes together Thank you for your help! About pistons... there might be an interesting thing coming up soon
  6. Yes, @STM. The latest changes to the batteries (and fuel tanks) are, that there are three sizes which recharge and one which has a lot of capacity but does not recharge. We might improve that system/add more variety in the future. And thank you again for playing and giving feedback. Very happy that you like the changes so far
  7. Amazing Yes of course that's possible, oh man We didn't think of that, hmm. Nice find! I'll forward it to the team and we see what we can do about that. It's literally an edge-case , so I'm not sure how much energy we can spend on fixing it. Somehow I love it how you can mis-use it
  8. And maybe to add: A block where you can increase/decrease mass
  9. That's a leftover from an old version. We discussed it with @ArnoJ and that limit will be removed with the next update
  10. I quickly discussed it with @ArnoJ. That 10 cap per part is something which is a leftover from earlier versions which doesn't make sense anymore. It will get removed with the next update. Thanks for posting!
  11. I fixed it and it should go live with the next update. Thank you again for posting!
  12. Yes, that would fix the issue for the enemies. If the bullet spawn point is inside the enemy collider and the enemy can't go into terrain, that would fix the issue. But visually it is less compelling, when the bullet spawns inside the enemy, hmm. We have to check. Maybe only for turrets we could make a custom check if the point is inside the terrain. It seems the chance of turrets spawning in an angle/position in which they could shoot through terrain is quite high, so a custom check might be worth it.
  13. Perfect, thank you for the video! I'll debug the spawn code and see what the bug might be. Very helpful!
  14. I'm not 100% certain, but most likely it's because the point from where the enemy shoots in inside the collider of the terrain. You can see that with the turrets in the video. If an object is spawned inside a collider, the physics engine does not detect a collision. Therefore the bullets is able to freely travel through terrain. Sometimes this also happens to other objects like scrap parts, which gets accidentally spawned inside the terrain (which then freely floats around). This is a technical limitation of the physics engine. I assume it does that to improve performance. I'm not sure how much we can do against that. We could try to make sure bullet-spawn-points don't move inside colliders/terrain, but that's tricky with turrets, because they can rotate freely and are already close to terrain. We have to check if there's a solution which does not cost a lot of performance. Thank you very much for sharing the video. Helps a lot debugging the reason for such bugs!
  15. Good point @pyz3n. Sometimes you just want to play around. But there are some actual use cases: - For lasers there's an attracting upgrade. This can be used to pull objects towards you. Sometimes it's good if you don't damage the objects, for example if they give resource. (there's also a pushing variant) - There are objects you have to cool down and collect. If you want to use cryo ammunition to cool down objects, it's better when the weapons don't deal damage, because you might destroy the object (cryo tank mission).
  16. Very nice drone design. Clever! Thank you very much for sharing!
  17. A very popular suggestion I link to two threads who have the same request. Not sure what the final solution would be, but we have the issue on our radar
  18. Do you mean the game settings which have resolution and audio settings? If yes, we already have it in our pipeline to have it accessible during gameplay (and also editor, if that's a request)
  19. Interesting. I can see the use-case of this, thank you for suggesting. We discussed this a while back and there was a bit of a technical issue we had so it wasn't easily implemented. I put it on our list so we will evaluate it again later in the future. We'll keep you up to date
  20. Good point. I agree that it is awkward to use, so I can see the chance to improve the attractiveness of it for more people. The inverted inputs/outputs is a great idea, but I hope we can find an altogether even better version of logic implementation Not the focus currently, but definitely something we have in mind further down the road. Sumo and automation is still my favorite part of the game, so it's close to my heart But for the time we have to focus on other things.
  21. I see what you mean. We don't exclude logic parts for any captain, it's just that for some captains it's a more viable option than for others. According to our data, part-automation or even full-automation is something a lot of player struggle with, except the hardcore players and experts like you So we can provide a fun experience for a lot of players with a certain amount of captains, and for the rest who wants more challenge and focus on automation, they have other captains which make that aspect more interesting. As I said before, we're not there yet We were thinking of node-based visual programming for example to make logic more approachable and powerful, but haven't decided what the final route would be. I think you can go a long way with the bit-logic we have, even though it's a lot of hassle to make something big and powerful. But on the other hand, if it would be "simply programming" then it would be too easy for experts and might put off beginners. Automated missions will very likely come in the future when we add more content.
  22. Yes. The campaign mode is currently in a state, that straight forward player-control (meaning no automation) is the better way to go, because you can't freely iterate without cost. Also it is still not possible to fully automate everything, because you don't have the necessary sensors yet. What we ultimately want to include is a captain where you can't press any keys, so you have to fully automate everything. To help you with that, you probably wouldn't have to worry about deploy cost or threat increase in any way. But before we can include that captain, we have to implement all the needed sensors for you to actually really be able to solve the missions properly. It would be interesting to have missions which block your input and you have to automate things, but we haven't implemented any yet. We haven't decided how we will handle progression in the creative mode yet.
  23. This is already fixed in 0.7.1. You can still find fuel tanks in shops, but that will only be fixed in 0.7.2, sorry We have a new thread system in 0.7.1 and with that new mechanics which stops you from exploiting re-harvesting planets infinitely. I hope the new build works better What is your opinion about the creative (sandbox) mode?
  24. Thank you for the feedback. It takes some time to digest through it, so I will answer at a later time. But a question before hand: Isn't the creative mode like the "old" gameplay? I mean it does not have the sumo and racing tracks, but otherwise it should be roughly the same? So the campaign (or survival or whatever we would call it in the end) would be just an alternative mode to the one we already had. And the creative mode now has more settings which allow you to customize the experience. Do you miss some features in the creative mode compared to the "old gameplay"?
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