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new and improved: art requests!!!


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Just now, Boo Boy said:

will probably just be doing headshots but I might do fullbodies idk yet

you can request a full body, I might do it it’ll probably take much longer though so fair warning

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16 minutes ago, Boo Boy said:

come on down and I’ll draw your characters !!!!!
for free!!!!


working on:




Toxin the Drago

eebee. wherever theres art requests, theres eevee.

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19 hours ago, Lizardcake said:

I hear art requests and am summoned

Centipede? That was the prototype so it's not like he looks like.

Besides that he's half blind (the other side eye) and some scars i won't list because they're on the body.qWRT.thumb.png.c1cb57ee2072b99804d9ee1d9420501b.png

i cant draw dragons oof


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