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More nest types


I feel like the nests we have now in the game do not really match up with the biome. like nests built in the water should look more like seaweed and coral or maybe a nest built in the mountain biome should look like those dark colored plants you find on the mountain with white flowers in it, the jungle biome nest should look colorful. Basically what I am trying to say we should have different types of nests depending on what biome they are currently located in.

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This is a really cool idea! I wanted to add something to this too. Maybe hovering over the nesting material let’s you see how much of each type of material you have. Nests will match the biome if you have enough material and if you don’t, nests will be made out of the material you have the most of. There would also be a customization button say if you want to mix materials for a custom nest.

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I had an idea called the flowerfern, it is a plant that grows on trees, rocks, stumps and the ground in jungle and Savannah biomes, you can sit in it, and use it as a free nest, but these are heavily guarded by dodomingoes and burrowing owlparrots, you can also pick it up and put it on your back(needs adult), it gives you 2 camouflage when worn in those biomes, for the cost of -1 in all movement stats, it also takes a hit for you, but gets destroyed after one hit, you can also break it to get 5 material and 5 food

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