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didn't delete those drawings from a year ago on medibang paint where everything was thicc as hecc and I did it all on one layer so

here you go. I'll post a newer drawing in a second.

green kid. I don't know this Nicheling, what are you talking about- ew it looks worse close up.Prince1.thumb.png.d3d63e1b94bf79297132342cbffc3bdc.png

panda. drew this for someone. forget who.Panda.thumb.png.01ab3abf578624257b92babc04ab5869.png

this file is called Deer.Nicheling.Mane. because I forgot the mane the first time. the one layer really shows... also, bleh. I would vomit but i'd rather not.DeerNichelingMane.thumb.png.4788051a90186a9189566566ff40fc51.png

Lilith for... someone? Who? why was this featured...Lilith.thumb.png.26373e8737c17aebe6ed6d5049203767.png

zebeeste. ew. dummy beesteze. dumb anatomy. actually, dumb anatomy for all of these.Zebeeste.NicheCreature.Horns.thumb.png.63f4ec27afdce754b65ba5a4f0a3b791.png

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