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New Drone Building Contest


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We got some awesome submissions for the first Drone Building Contest! You can see a list of all the winners in this thread


Since last week, many new players have downloaded and played the Nimbatus Drone Creator. That's why we start a brand-new Drone Building Contest today! The deadline to enter a drone is May 19th. Winners will receive 1 of 3 Steam keys for the full game.

Here is how you can enter the building competition:

  • Build the smartest, coolest looking or most creative drone using the Nimbatus Drone Creator.
  • Create a GIF of the drone (press F9 to create a GIF of the last 10 seconds in the game) or record one otherwise.
  • Post your GIF in one of these places to enter the competition:
    - In this Thread
    - On our Discord
    - Or share it on Twitter with #DroneCreator

We hope you enjoy the Drone Creator and wish you good luck in the competition! 

Stray Fawn Studio

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Pic of a STABILIZER. That means when I move it does not affect me, but when I stop it helps me stop. Works by 4 free-moving joints and a ball (could be a box) on top of each. When idle, it will pull those balls in to the center with a magnet. When moving, the balls will move AWAY from movement into one of two sensors. These sensors send outputs to a logic board. If two sensors on a line perpendicular to the movement are triggered, it fires the thrusters on that side, opposite to the direction of the movement. If all 4 on one side of the ball-joint are triggered, it has been turning, and will automatically stop turning.

Included are three GIFs, showcasing its abilities.




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I present to you: The Grinder snake. It has a snake like body, protected by shields, coolers, and heaters. in front will be an opening where lasers pull enemies in the saws will "grind" them. there are heat seeking missile launchers on the sides of it to protect its blind spots. there is a suicide bomber factory on the end that goes towards enemies and explode. it is capable of mining through terrain, tho it has no resource collectors. attached is a gif of Grinder grinding an enemy.


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I don't really think this will win, mainly because around 1/2 is a weak harvester drone (although it has nasty missiles on it), the other half is really cool: the front part is a Self Propelled Bio Bomb, or SPBB. It uses Bio weapons to push itself forward, and drills to drill through the ground in front of it. I came up with this idea when I was working on an earlier idea that is a cage drone that traps things in a bio cage with bio weapons, and I shot the ground with a bio-flamethrower. The ground came rocketing towards me, and I realized I could probably build a bomb out of it. As you will see, it doesn't go completely straight, but it is better with lasers as the bio weapons than flamethrowers. It could be used to attack any stationary target, and the proximity sensors are keyed to detonate when it touches most things. Since it creates ground, it could potentially block enemies from attacking you via the newly made hole in the ground.


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My main station for an Engineer play through.

Top drone is a fast gunboat that starts off by dropping the mineral harvesters in the hopper, then goes hunting.

The factory drops autonomous drones that drill through the planet and then turn around and repeat. The little mining drones are a very effective but simple design with collision detection so they don't get locked together when there's a lot of them.



Collision detection triggers when they detect a friendly drone, so far, none of them have ever gotten permanently stuck.



Here's the miner without the skin. Doesn't need a tilt sensor, uses inverted VTOL thrusters to keep it oriented.


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The second round is now over as well and we have voted for the following 3 people. Congratulations and thank you for everyone who participated! :D 


Congratulations to Bgabri (Discord), who took logic part programming to the next level and implemented a functional pacman!



Congratulations to SwaDirlyOp23 (Discord), who has re-implemented Rocket League in various forms and ways in Nimbatus.



Congratulations to skipydog(Discord), who shows us that nothing beats a good explosion in a nice package.



I'll post here when the next round / contest goes live ❤️ 


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