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  1. Marked the bugs section as read. Let's hope the problem doesn't return when there's new content again
  2. (Yes, I have read every single bug report, don'tquestion what I do with my life)
  3. I've had this problem for a while now. Even when I have no new content in bugs, it still shows "Next unread content". If I click it, I always get this
  4. Oh sorry, I was just browsing trough my unread content. That's so nice of you! Glad to have you around
  5. Actually I'll start once the PMV is done because that thing has a deadline
  6. Here's the comic for anyone interested: https://www.deviantart.com/songdog-strayfang/art/Doe-of-Deadwood-Pg1-721817621 (It contains gay wolves, go read it! (Not because of the gay wolves but because it's really good))
  7. If one more person wants to join, I can just kill off Sitrus
  8. You know, I might as well kill Sitrus or an extra nicheling so everyone gets to play
  9. I have to go now for a hour and a half... (Horse stuff) Try drawing something. Maybe your lions?
  10. I'm just gonna add my Hunger games winner boi here
  11. How about a visit to the library? Or is it too far away?
  12. Name? (Sorry, I've been kinda inactive so I haven't learned this stuff)
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