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  1. I cut a mean looking brown tabby maine coon from a magazine and drew a scar on it's nose
  2. The upper one is beautiful, but the traced just looks funny
  3. A good place to stay Hi!
  4. Hi Yes! She's exactly as old as them! Creepy uncle bear keeps this bearyena away
  5. New names @Bostonlobstah are you trying yo take over my tribe?
  6. Luckily all of them are compatible
  7. Welcome back! Time for children
  8. She won't make it to aduthood, I quit and edit the settings again
  9. When making this challenge, I forgot that they have to be exactly same age to bread... Oh no RIP A sicly female
  10. Hurry! Oh no NO! Hope... Nope!
  11. No! Double no! Triple no!
  12. Thiis albino child joined The bearyena came back No! Bluechild!
  13. NONONONONO! MELA! ACOEN! NO! No, not him!
  14. Acoen and Creamy Cloud are safe from the bugs NO! WAKE UP, MELA!
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