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  1. Yep. You might also need 2 people, because the Rabbit and the Pheasant might count as people. But I’d bring 4 as well as the rabbit and pheasant to be safe.
  2. 9F043986-5C00-4CAD-A7A2-6990D5E73BD3.jp20B178B59-7312-4061-8AB0-F9E08A53FAE3.jp2 This enough Disney for ya?
  3. Great, Impy’s going to think it’s her fault again and have another miniature mental breakdown (not trying to be rude)
  4. Yes. It’s a dragon, but there are many different types of dragons, or draconian: amphitheres, drakes, imperial, etc...
  5. I already said it was their OC species, so no, it is not a real animal.
  6. Also. I attempted to draw a sting-tail drake!
  7. Well, when and if my mom allows it, I’m going to get a pet mouse... ;-;
  8. She has a picture on the main post, it’s her OC species.
  9. If you like running around, chatting with only emotes and collecting animals and skins and emotes, then sure. Oh, you can also explore.
  10. oh, look Cropping = dead again
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