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  1. Not going Trick or Treat this year, just sittin' down with some candy
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't like pepperoni pizza?
  3. Speaking of Fr Tumblr's.... I have one called (you guessed it) Alfamangle where I ocassionally post art. There's another called GimmieThemPrimals which I enjoy
  4. Ahem You get 1 free flight change and you can only change every 6 months, if you haven't used yours you can change for free, it's just showing what you would HAVE to pay if you want a trip back home.
  5. So what I'm seeing is most of y'all are in Ice? Cool.
  6. I need motivaion to write my fanfic so... yeaaah If you wana read my bad writing and some editing by a friend, see here: https://www.quotev.com/story/11859141/Storms-Path-WIP/1
  7. ? There's nothing new
  8. Do y'all want some mire fyer lessons on how to make the best mire flyer?
  9. New Fanderg Please help me somebody. It's an obsession.
  10. Hibden and Genoners And me when it was raid day
  11. It's about how many slots you have! I have a mighty lair since I have 70+ slots! After the map update you can choose your location from all you've unlocked! So better unlock them all not by getting lair slots!
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