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  1. Depends. 7 digit or lower, pretty valuable, hang onto that, contact a old dragon colecting forum post. lowish 8 digit, iffy. Depends on who you ask. Edit: If it's a 6/5 digit you've got yourself a walking goldmine
  2. I'm looking for a good looking wc! It's for lore reasons!
  3. Thank you! Take good care of her, would you like some free scrys?
  4. Anyone want this? Willing to trade for a good looking Wildclaw or about 15kt (It's a g1 with matchy secondary with eyes.)
  5. Not going Trick or Treat this year, just sittin' down with some candy
  6. Am I the only one that doesn't like pepperoni pizza?
  7. Speaking of Fr Tumblr's.... I have one called (you guessed it) Alfamangle where I ocassionally post art. There's another called GimmieThemPrimals which I enjoy
  8. Ahem You get 1 free flight change and you can only change every 6 months, if you haven't used yours you can change for free, it's just showing what you would HAVE to pay if you want a trip back home.
  9. So what I'm seeing is most of y'all are in Ice? Cool.
  10. I need motivaion to write my fanfic so... yeaaah If you wana read my bad writing and some editing by a friend, see here: https://www.quotev.com/story/11859141/Storms-Path-WIP/1
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