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  1. What should I call the naked mole rat thing
  2. i only just realised that this was for Miitopia even after reading the thing like thrice
  3. its a reference my profile pic is NEKO
  4. orrrrrrr make NEKO or ROBO head or PAFF or Sagar or Rin or Nora or the other NEKO or Aroma or ConnEr or Xenon or something
  5. or just random characters
  6. Doesn't even need to be a fandom -- just some random thing about random animals: say, naked mole rats with wings and each with the power to brainwash a certain person and they work together to take over the underground or something okay so maybe not that random But something that you would enjoy as well as others.
  7. gamingciikue ive gotten worse gamingcookie there we go
  8. My sister is the same. Oh, and uh, my sister has described how I've never really been afraid of needles, even when I was small.
  9. BasicDemin DANGIT ONE LETTER AGAIN oh well Ill accept that
  10. Actually, one of my friends is similar. Whenever a place is too crowded, or the people there are too obnoxious, she gets overwhelmed. I'm the same, actually. i just realised that i started and ended that with the word 'actually'. uhh
  11. Eh. Strange things are anything you consider sytraagsrr. what the heck happened to that word.
  12. ShafowAndPup3 SO CLOSE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I fixed it my name is now Vandy
  13. Flopity My name is now Vandy No longer am I Candy the Lynx
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