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  1. Maybeeeeeeee?!???????????? (Gosh I'm sus 😂)
  2. Is anyone gonna try to guess what this means?
  3. "All cats old enough to catch there own prey gather here for a Clan meeting!" Yowled Moonstar all the cats gathered Brownpelt sitting beside Moonstar all the cats thought she was going to say that she was expecting kits but to there suprise she wasn't "Brownpelt would like to become Heartarrow's apprentice and train as a medicine cat" Moonstar meowed all the cats look suprised before yowling "Brownpelt! Brownpelt! Brownpelt!"
  4. "Heartarrow?" Meowed Brownpelt "Yes?" He meowed back "I... Want to be your apprentice!" She meowed "Oh!" Heartarrow looked suprised "yes of course! We just need to make sure it's ok with Moonstar." He meowed before walking off "stay here." He meowed "hey, Moonstar... Brownpelt wants to be my apprentice!" Heartarrow meowed "Yes! Of course she can be your apprentice!" Moonstar meowed excitedly
  5. You are incorrect that's there names because Heartarrow saved there lives!
  6. Please try to guess the fathers if you guess right I'll tell you
  7. "Moonstar, I had a dream I think it might be a prophecy..." Meowed Heartarrow Moonstar nodded like he was prompting him to speak "the moon set then the sun rise then the sun set and it was a completely moonless night then it was day again but there was no sun..." Heartarrow meowed "I see... Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?" Moonstar meowed obviously deep in thought "I'm 99% sure it was a prophecy... I don't know it just felt... Powerful..." Moonstar nodded "Well... What do you think it means then?" Moonstar meowed curiously "I... Don't know..." Heartarrow meowed back
  8. Silverfoot gave birth to two toms! Heartkit and Arrowkit! She had trouble giving birth so the kits were near death but Heartarrow had two live saving items so they where fine. Heartkit! Arrowkit!
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