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  1. !!! I'm definitely going to be checking this out
  2. Good music is subjective, but here are some of my favorite bands: Queen AC/DC Saint Motel The Beatles Green Day Disturbed Black Sabbath Metallica Avenged Sevenfold Guns and Roses
  3. I agree, having a few options regarding graphics would be more than enjoyable in my opinion
  4. Just a little idea here, but maybe more vibrant, exotic manes could contribute to a male's attractiveness, just like the peacock tails currently do?
  5. DangerousDodo


    Here are my darlings!! The chubby white kitty is Crackers, the one with the fangs is Bootsie, and the Persian is Inky. Trio of trouble. Bowser is the gecko and Tuff is the yellow lab.. Tuffy insists that he doesn't have enough toys (we call them woobies), what do you think?? Lol And I would want to have more reptiles (specifically skinks and pythons) if I could
  6. @Deathpelt I'm not sure actually whoopsie, I tried to do this before and couldn't figure it out lol. Maybe there's not an option....?
  7. Agreed, idle movement would be a wonderful addition to make the game feel more alive
  8. Wouldn't that completely negate the function of the bluebirds, though? I think that the idea is solid but should be done differently. Instead of being able to carry an animal by the scruff, I think that something along the lines of a 'kangaroo body' would fit much better, since it still allows the bluebirds to retain their influence on game difficulty while providing a safe baby carrying method to some, but not all nichelings. A nicheling would have to have a kangaroo body in order to do this. There's my two cents
  9. I think this would be an excellent addition!
  10. @LordOfCider May I make a suggestion and draw an illustration for rabbit ears (with idea credit of course)?
  11. @Philo I really enjoy Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note, though Black Butler, Fairy Tale and Tokyo Ghoul are also some good ones in my opinion. How about you?
  12. I'm not ~technically~ a new member, but I'll post here anyways! My name is Dodo (keeping my actual name private for safety reasons) and I was born in Oregon, United States. I still reside there with not many plans to move, but I have strongly considered moving to Sweden, so that may happen later down the line. (the process is long and tedious) I enjoy drawing (I'm a semi professional digital artist) and working with reptiles. I have always been passionate about reptilian species, so I dedicate a lot of time into studying and caring for them. I enjoy watching anime and shows about tattoos and artsy stuff. Basically I'm just a dude with lots of scaly critters and art hanging on the walls lol.
  13. Hey all! Here's a little poll created to see what animals we all prefer here. Thanks for looking!
  14. Heterochromia, like @Draconiya mentioned is indeed the mutation that you're talking about here. Heterochromia is a phenotypic mutation, meaning that it affects only the physical, observable traits of an organism. Heterochromia is indeed something that I and many others I'm sure would like to have in the game, but I think that in the last community voting it wasn't in the top recommendations so it wasn't implemented into the game if I'm not mistaken. Maybe in the future it will once again be a consideration and option for the second community voting
  15. Animals with prehensile tails such as possums usually lack the ability to actually climb with said tails. Maybe instead of being able to climb with the tail to reach the tops of trees, they can hang from a branch temporarily in order to escape from ground dwelling predatory species? It would be more accurate to the mechanics of species that can hang from their tails. Love the suggestion, take an upvote for the road!
  16. I think the devs are going to add this in the next update if I'm not mistaken
  17. Aaaa im so excited! Looks great
  18. !! Yes that would be good. I've accidentally mated animals so many times lol
  19. @Meigui Oh yeah that could work out pretty well! That sounds like a much better way of handling things.
  20. I run my tribe kinda similar to yours! My nichelings are very diverse and serve many different purposes. I breed some animals for collecting, some for fighting, some for exploring, and the "rejects" with bad genetics are the punching bags of the team haha. They stall apes and collect cactus berries when stores are low. They may not be eligible for breeding, but I've found that having some punching bag nichelings in the tribe is actually quite useful. I'd rather have a double deformed paw short sighted nicheling sacrifice itself for the tribe than a my perfectly healthy ones who's genes I want to keep going strong. I only let lone wanderers into my tribe if they are either Carrying immunity gene(s) that my current tribe does have or 2. Decently healthy and useful genes Otherwise I just kill 'em haha. Don't want them stealing my food. In short I breed very selectively and I'm very picky about what wanderers come into the tribe.
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