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this is going to be fun

the first reply is going to be a name, the second pronouns etc. This can be extremely stupid


Name: (BorbMaster) Turophobia

Pronouns: (The One Who Turned Pale) egg/eggs

Species: (takoyamaaa) sands undertale the skeleton

Appearance: (BorbMaster) sans undertale but made of sand

Personality: (takoyamaaa) cowboy. thats it thats their entire personality

Backstory: (Gaylord Star Starless) space cowboy who died and came back to life on earth and is a doctor now.

Other: (BorbMaster) Bi because pride month


Name: (AlsoBorbMaster) Jolly Jolly Jellybeans 

Pronouns: (polly) xey/xem

Species: (Gaylord Star Starless) Quarter snake, quarter human, quarter goblin, and quarter elf on the shelf

Appearance: (Modiano) Upper half is human lower half is snake. Goblin head and Elf on the shelf vibes

Personality: (polly) evil. thats it. just evil.

Backstory: (AlsoBorbMaster) Xey got bullied, parents died, before xeir mom died she revealed she was an angle and the dad was a demon and Jolly Jolly Jellybeans has powers!!!111!!1!1!!1!!!!1!

Other: (polly) xey is aroace


Name: (cookie) relic

Pronouns: (Modiano) Fae/faer and / s

Species: (ralsei deltarune) cat

Appearance: (BorbMaster) Fae are a suuuuupeeeeer loooooong cat, colors are normal brown tabby with yellow eyes... but loooooooooooooooooong

Personality: (cookie) is a ralsei kinnie

Backstory: (Blizzard Starless) ️ Was born on Mars and used faer magical powers to fly to the earth m.

Other: (AlsoBorbMaster) Faer are you

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