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I hatched this cutie recently! He's got the right colours for a potential project for a breeding pair, I just need to breed him and then I'll have 2 un-closely related dragons with the same genes. There used to be someone who used to breed dragons just like these, but they got banned : ( so guess it's up to me to continue their legacy lol 


Also, I got a pretty nice primal for 100g! He has an unfortunate tert, but that's ok, he still looks fine with basic


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Oh no, someone offered art in that auction :(



So I'll be buying this (bred)  -- currently pearlcatcher -- girl for 500g. She's pregened like in the first scry. Not sure if that's a good deal or not?

They're well named, and it's at least a long list instead of three random offspring. I honestly don't mind these that much.

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have a couple of flight reps (who i may or may not replace once i can actually afford some decent primals) because who doesn't like flight reps



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