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Persist Center o Mass & Tag toggle in drone editor


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I agree with saving preferences on toggles. There are a number of preferences that would be cool to have the game save. Some I feel should be saved per-ship: like training area option for enemies.

Semi-related, but I also feel like being able to toggle center of mass with Decouplers would be awesome too. 
Either one-click for all Decouplers shows center's of mass for each part. and/or possibly manually click a Decoupler to "break" off a piece, and show multiple center's of mass.

I don't know how do-able that is. 

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That's a really useful suggestion @DreamShark. I often have this problem that the center of mass is not useful as soon as I design detachable satellites. I'm not sure if it's a difficult thing to implement, so I'll have to leave it up to @Micha. But considering that we actually want to encourage people making detachable parts, I think this might be worth spending some time into. Let's see what the future brings :) 

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Yeah, please let the game remember the settings!

It would also be nice if the game would remember that i already clicked away the tutorial a few times.

@DreamShark I like your "multiple center of mass"-idea!



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