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Ramfox Hybrids



I for some reason think it would be really nice if you could occasionally find a ramfox pup and take it in after it's pack is dead. You would be able to breed with it and have it hunt food for you. The genes I think it would give will be listed below.

-Ram horns

-Fox ears (3+hearing, just for looks)

-Normal eyesight

-Fox jaw (1+strength, 2+smelling)

-Fluffy body (3+cold resistence, 1+speed, 1+strength)

-Hunting claws (1+speed, 1+strength)

-Normal hindlegs

-Fluffy tail

-White fur

-Black eyes

-Gray or white horns

-White pattern

-No pattern

-Random pattern density and size

-Normal blood clotting

-High or normal fertility

-Some random immunity genes? Or possibly one unique to the ramfoxes known as ramfox immunity?

Oh well. Just felt like putting this idea out here.


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If this is added, it would be nice if the ramfox would sometimes pick up whatever it kills and dropped it next to the nearest tribe member, since they do hunt as packs, they probably would share some food with their new pack.

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I love the idea of hybridization as a source for unique immunity genes.  I'd like to see that implemented with bearyenas as well.

There's a highly upvoted suggestion for ears granting cold resistance.  If that comes to pass (and looks ramfox-like), ramfox hybrids might be great as a source of the ear gene.  My personal preference would be for +2 hearing, +1 cold resistance.

Also, the tail on the ramfox is MAGNIFICENT.  I'd love to see a cosmetic Fluffy Tail (Ramfox Tail?) that gives +1 cold resistance but is bushier than the Medium Tail.

Yet another suggestion is for snowshoe paws that can walk on top of snowy terrain.  This could appear as a ramfox hybrid back legs gene, providing +1 move, +1 swim, +1 walking on snow (making snow tiles traversable as if normal tiles).

Finally, I'd suggest low fertility for ramfoxes.  I get the impression that the low fertility of friendly bearyenas is intended to account for the relative unlikelihood of a viable hybrid between two very different parents.  The same logic applies to ramfox hybrids.

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crappy art + some ideas

for the fox snoot, unlike the bearyena snoot, will show the mane. The fox snoot will not shrink the eyes as much as the bearyena does.

also i think that ramfoxes should pass on black horn color, yes?






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