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  1. Here you go! I hope you like it!
  2. I did the first screenshot. Here y' are!
  3. WHAT has this topic turned into?😆
  4. Raana, please! Your piskels are nice!
  5. Ya could've given me a little context on the situation!
  6. So yeah. I have no more requests on my other drawing thingies, so just gimme a niche screenshot and I'll edit it. If you want it edited a specific way, just tell me. Here's a screenshot I edited a while back for reference- Yush.
  7. Here's Alli! I hope you like him. I have no more requests, but I'll keep this open!
  8. Ooo, ooo, ooo! How abouuuuut Jay as a single?
  9. Here is Prince! "Finally, I get to do a guy without those goat horns!"- my sister
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