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  1. Maybe give the back just a tad bit of bend when the nichelings are standing up?
  2. Well I don't really try too hard on the backgrounds anymore. I was talking more about the nichelings themselves. But thank you!
  3. (I wanted to do this after Silver posted their art comp. rant. And then Sky said they would make a topic for critiquing their art. I'm an idea sealer now...) *throws* So. Anyway I can improve? Thanks!
  4. Here. This. Prigo the Protector! This guy- Also, a speedpaint. Of the making of this. Because speedpaints are cool...I think. (this is a YouTube vid because the forums can't handle the actual file...) So yay. (also, it's 4 minutes long, I'm sorry.)
  5. Hm... For ears I like big ears. For horns I like antlers and savanna horns. For snouts I like short snout (I'm basic, I know), poison fangs, birb beak, and big nose is good on some nichelings. Doesn't really work for all of them, though. For bodies I like spiky body, toxic body, water body, heat body, and lean body. For eye color I like purple eyes and blue eyes. For fur color I like white, black, and some red-ish colors and brown-ish colors. For mask type and pattern I like lots of tiny any color dots, any color panda pattern, and any cool mask pattern. Also stripes are cool (once again, any color) For paws I like nimble fingers, velvet paw, ans claw. And for hind legs, just normal hind legs. I think that's it.
  6. Hm... Could you do... Prigo "The Protector"? Thanks!
  7. This looks so cooool! The only thing I would say is maybe Kutakir should have white lineart? Then he would look more like a ghost? But this looks awesome as it is!
  8. Ooh! Ooh! This one game called..oh what is it...Cateau! Yep, that's it! I highly recommend it, I finished the whole thing (it takes around an hour to complete the whole game, if you do it all at one time). You play as a person in France, and they're are stray cats in the streets. Choosing the right options are key to making friends with these cats! It's really fun!
  9. Ooooooh! Rank: Warrior Gender: She-cat Name:Fernwhisker Mother:Petalsong Father:Caleb Siblings:Wheatheart Backstory: When Fernwhisker was a kit, she loved going into the elder's den with her sister to listen to the elder's stories. Every few stories, she would stand up in protest, shouting that the story was told differently last time! She would then continue to recite the story the way she remembered it, while Wheatkit sat and listened. As an apprentice, Fernpaw was introduced to the fact that the reason that many cats seemed to shoot her and Wheatpaw sideways glances was the fact that her father was a kittypet. This enraged Fernpaw. Why was it that big of a deal? So, Fernpaw made it her duty to stand up for any cat that she believed was in the right. This trait carried into when she became Fernwhisker. Because of her leading skills, many cats wondered why it was Morningstar chose Ravenclaw to be deputy instead of her. But Fernwhisker didn't question it. She knew that if she were to become deputy, she would be too wrapped up in her duties to keep doing what she loved best, standing up for all the other cats. Including when she stood up for her sister, Wheatheart, when she was a medicine cat and had kits. Fernwhisker currently still resides in GorceClan as a noble warrior. Wheatheart, her sister, is an orange tabby with a white-tipped tail and amber eyes. Petalsong, her mother, is a white cat with small orange speckles on her and light green eyes. Caleb, her father, is a brown tabby with white paws and yellow eyes. Phew, I'm done!
  10. RaanaTheBanana


    Oh, wait. I just noticed that scene with the purple-pink sky was dirt, not sand. I'm sorry!
  11. RaanaTheBanana


    Eeee. Um. Uh. Mesa? I mean, I know you have a desert, but a mesa is different because the sand is red, and it has huge clay mountain-thingies.
  12. Here we go! I'm going to incorporate a story in this one, too! I'll do challenging/ This ain't my first rodeo! Booker looked out on the beautiful landscape. Like other wolves his age, he was on a mission to go on his own. To start a pack himself. He knew that his pack had started out here just like him. He smiled. If his pack could do it, then he could too! "Even my parents started out here..." He murmured to himself. He sighed. His pack had told him from a young age that his parents and siblings drowned in the river. He was the only one found alive. And when he thought about it hard, he did remember a swirling torrent of water flooding his eyes, his nose, his mouth. But he also remembered something else. Something that didn't fit the story. When his head would bob above the water, he saw wolves. A black and grey wolf with one folded ear shouting from the shore as he was swept away. He always wondered who that wolf was. Why was she there? Did she try to save him just like his pack had? He shook his head to free himself from these thoughts. It was time for a new life. He gulped down the elk he had caught. Booker remembered how the elk would race around near his pack. He remembered how the alpha had taught him hunting tactics. Booker even taught the alpha some tactics as well. "You are one smart pup, Booker!" The alpha had remarked to him. And Booker would swell with pride. He punced on the small rabbit that skitterd by. "This isn't that hard!" Booker said to himself. Making it out by himself would be a piece of cake! With his stomach full, he trekked onward. "I guess I need to learn a bit about where I will reside..." Booker said. He raised his nose to the air and sniffed. "Wolves," he said. "I'm sure they know something!" Continuing to sniff around in the territory for any wolves, Booker is feeling quite confident. Suddenly, Booker sees a wolf. "Excuse me?" Booker says, walking up to the male. He growls in return. "What's a wolf like you doing in my territory?! You need to leave! Now!" Booker growled. "I don't need to be bossed around by you! I need information on what I'm dealing with here, and where I am. If you don't give it to me, I'll just look somewhere else!" The wolf snarls back "Then I guess I'll need to send you packing!" Booker sighs. He knows the only way to get anything off of this wolf his to give him what he wants. And what he wants is Booker to be afraid. He laid on his back. "Please." He said "All I want is your help. You are much stronger than I am." The wolf smirked. "Now that is what I want to see. A wolf knowing his place in the ranks. Alright, I'll help you. You are in Yellowstone National Park. It's a big place, and I gotta say I don't explore it much-" "Well, clearly," Booker couldn't help saying. The dark wolf's eyes lit up with anger again. "What do you mean?" He snarled. "Well, I just mean that you don't have any scars or anything. And, not to mention, your pelt is shiny and smooth." "Well, I'll have you know, I am a very experienced hunter!" "Oh yeah?" "Yes!" "Prove it!" "Oh, well..." The wolf looked around nervously. Booker smirked, satisfied. The male turned back and growled. "You hardly look like a hunter yourself!" "How so?" Booker asked. "Just look at your ear! It has a huge chunk torn out!" The wold smiled "Only the best hunter can hunt without getting scratched!" "This isn't from hunting! It's from a river! I was taken away from my parents in a current! My ear got torn up..." His voice trailed off. The wolf, for once, had nothing to say. Booker sighed. "I gotta go...thanks..." "Yeah, no problem," The wolf said. "See ya" Booker entered in to the elk hunting grounds. The small fight with the wolf had taken a bit of strength out of him. He stopped suddenly, realizing he'd be too weak to fight an elk. He would have to eat crow-food. Booker sighed. Maybe this would be harder than he thought. He gagged as he fought to keep the elk down. "I'd better catch my own food soon..." He curled up, letting the rain pour on him. His stomach was full with the bad food. He could only hope for better luck tomorrow...
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