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Please stop getting me headphones
Here I am, sadly thinking about the pair of "Bluetooth" headphones in my room, then looking at the headphones I am wearing right now that are supposed to have a "microphone". Neither things work.
Stop getting me headphones

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also these mozzarella sticks suck

anyway, here's some questions I'd like to ask life:
-Why do you always make me the one choking on stuff. So pathetic that I'll laugh so hard while eating rice I choke on it
-Why do you always make ME THE ONE SICK. dude you purely made my sisters sick just to get me to take a graval and two advils
-why is the Sims 4 Expansion packs (or stuff pack, but I'm pretty sure it's the expansion packs) on sale for half price? I mean, not like I don't enjoy having about 25 dollars left out of the 50 to buy stuff at chapters or Michael's
-my cat's so nice at night and in the mornings. But in the middle of the day he wants to kill me. He's also hurt me recently. I mean, just, why?
-did you purposely get me addicted to Last Week Tonight for a reason? If there is one I don't know it, and I don't want to because I don't have time for anything unimportant like your answers.

(this is all directed to life itself)

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Well, at some point you too might become paranoid about chocking and decrease the rate of incidents to 6,25% at maximum hysteria

You just have to, um, chew food differently? That kind of stopped my long history of chocking on nothing, except for water, as you can't solve the stupid. 

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11 hours ago, Renio2490 said:

I should be drawing stuff on Gimp for my requests
I'll just go and try to use some cat base I found

trying did not succeed
I will now try to go on Gimp without rage-quitting because my wrist is daed

I also feel slightly better, or at least not like I doubled my weight and can't even carry myself but I no longer have that feeling, nor the feeling that I'll die if I eat anything but soup. My goal today is to pass time until 8 pm and the time waster goals will be:
-finish Gimp art (maybe)
-eat something slightly nice
-keep drinking water without dying
-try to find phone charger
-try to find phone
-play Lioden and Flight Rising
-play Niche and any other game on Steam because I don't want to play the Sims 4 until I get the cats and dogs pack
-don't ignore your cat. love him please, brain. or at least get him to like you
-take a nap(?)
-draw random cats you generated on Scratch

you is to me, I guess but if you want to do any of this I guess go ahead my dude(tte)

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3 hours ago, Renio2490 said:

oh yeah and I'll just post some random Nicheling screenshots to make this a little more "Niche-y"

I once had a nicheling that was a daughter of Adam and she looked super similar to Buzz! :0

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