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Achievement Issues
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Achievement Issues
I just started playing Niche, though I have watched a lot of videos about it. In the tutorial, when I traveled to a new island, I got two achievements: 'Homecoming' and 'Globetrotter'. This was the first time I'm playing this! I definitely did NOT find all the islands. Since then, I've noticed that I haven't gotten any more achievements, even though I can spot a few that I should have received. For example, I should have gotten the achievements for twins and also for identical twins,  and I obviously have already mated my Nichelings, plus I have a Melanistic Nicheling. Please fix this because I love trying to get achievements.   :(

UPDATE: I restarted the game and finally started getting the achievements. (I somehow got Melanisim and the next day Albinisim!) This still doesn't explain why I got Homecoming and Globetrotter when I 1st started, though.  :(
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