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  1. that sounds fun. but there is absolutely no way my computer could handle that many creatures tho XD
  2. dang lol this is the fastest growing post ive seen on this forum
  3. wow this thread is huge XD but since the more ppl that join the more chances to win i might win anyway
  4. i think this is a fun idea. and maybe if you could change the day on one island but not the other but you would have to catch up with the one you didn't change the day on before you could send nichelings or resources or unlocked genes between the islands. i feel like this would definitely be a big feature XD.
  5. at first i didn't remember it but i googled it and now i remember 🤣
  6. i think the niche wiki pretty much dose all of that.
  7. how do you determine what is behind? they always face you so you could just turn the camera to change where behind is. and why would you need to shoot ink at a leech? just attack it. can the ink work at all on land?
  8. i use steam to get most computer games including niche popular and i think it is pretty easy to use
  9. thats odd i saw the art before jojo said he couldn't but now i cant see it. i do see the new image tho 0_o it looks good btw
  10. i really just don't want cannibalism in the game.....
  11. it would be cool to make a maze out of rocks that you could give to a friend to survive on. or make it big and dont remember the way thru XD. you could make the paths 1 wide except for little stops for berry bushes and things like that. you could also make the very end impossible to reach without breaking the rocks so that you need to breed with bearyenas to beat the island.
  12. maybe the wanderers but i don't like the idea of one of my nichelings just randomly deciding to go join the other tribe
  13. i think the strong voice is just for scaring away predators. i kinda don't feel like that would also be attractive.
  14. if you had webbed hind legs with the crippled body you would have 0 speed.... and that would just suk.
  15. maybe you could also do something like max is 5 food per nicheling as well. you could do that manually but itd be nice if this was an option anyway.
  16. ooh i like the idea of it gaining Armour as time goes on so that you have ti exterminate it quickly unless you are super strong
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