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  1. I love how this seemingly harmless game sometimes suddenly turns into lovecraftian prose when you hit escape
  2. Decided to randomly eat rock-earth, which it not only succeeded at, but
  3. How do you open the leafpool one? Is that only possible on PC/laptop?
  4. One of mine is a serial killer, complete with mommy issues. Yet he has the most innocent and kitten-like face. You wouldn't think he likes to trap insects in his mouth, just to spit them out over and over again. There's also the frogs with a million fine cuts and plucked birds, but that one's just strange
  5. Someday, you'll turn into an abstract artist
  6. I almost drowned as a child and "saw" a mermaid after blacking out. I didn't even realize I had, I just held onto a shiny tail and followed it deeper and deeper into the water. Suddenly, the saltwater didn't hurt my eyes anymore. My lungs stopped aching for air. In truth, I hadn't moved at all. You see the weirdest things when oxygen deprived. But I don't believe there's any truth in it because of that
  7. That's a common symptom of anxiety, along with the inexplainable feeling that you will die soon, or in a set number of years. I can't help but imagine that I'll someday die in a car accident, before 25. It's awful, but it's something that won't go away by itself
  8. There's no logic to universal morality or meaning, but that doesn't mean we can't create our own. At the end of the day, human emotions defy reason and we can't will them away. Rejecting an inner part of oneself never goes well
  9. Writing one of these endless documents for my evening classes and coming in here between pauses I really shouldn't have
  10. If you like to. The archipelago is something I have been conditioned to somewhat dislike by travel loops. It's the island where things afterward either drive or fail horribly. They live rather short lifes too, but island hopping would pose a good goal for progress.
  11. Yeah, I guess we should name the save, if it can still read it afterwards. Didn't pick programming at school, but it might be fine
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