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  1. RandomWanderer

    Why do wanderers have unlimited moves?

    I suspect they would be too hard to find otherwise. Mostly because they don't clear grass and spend a lot of time digging. Predators would kill them more often, too. You've probably thought of this already, the difference might just be that the devs want one to meet more wanderers under the belief that it improves gameplay. Does it? I would personally agree. Seeing that, if they don't move enough, other options would be to spawn in more wanderers or have them live longer. They're both problematic in their own right, so we're stuck with unlimited movement, which could probably be capped at 10.
  2. RandomWanderer

    Better short snout

    I don't know. It would seem that the short snout might be the worst at collecting without paws. Maybe you can settle for more hidden attributes, like an alluring voice when calling. Maybe even some neoteny thing, unattractive for longer to rogue males as they mature slowly and don't smell right. Just small boosts that are useful at times.
  3. RandomWanderer

    New bears?

    So, supposedly, 2 bears are still missing kickstarter rewards. What do you guys think the'll be like? I'd love a water based one, or one that also goes for berries, cutting down bushes and the like.
  4. RandomWanderer

    Clans Divided: Ruby And Sapphire

    Fishfawn is so, so cute!
  5. RandomWanderer

    Photos of your nicheling clones?

    I'm using the console at the moment to get more nichelings in a litter. Meanwhile, the parents were even lazier and abused the cloning machine. 6 children, 3 almost identical.
  6. RandomWanderer

    Do wanderers spawn on Home Island?

    Okay. I'm pretty sure I've messed too much with the console in the past. About every five to 6 days, I met another new member of Adam's tribe. That's exactly what I was looking for, though. Can't complain.
  7. RandomWanderer

    Do wanderers spawn on Home Island?

    I found a wanderer without calling (day 48). Not sure if that was a fluke, though.
  8. RandomWanderer

    Do wanderers spawn on Home Island?

    It works! Thanks for the tips, guys 😄
  9. RandomWanderer

    Do wanderers spawn on Home Island?

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/440650/discussions/1/3377008022030054687/ Somewhere down there is the whole command. This doesn't work at all for some, for others it works just fine. No idea why, though. The allmighty niche gods never eat my games.
  10. RandomWanderer

    Do wanderers spawn on Home Island?

    Oh! So calling actually spawns wanderers? Or am I reading that wrong? Any wanderers would be fine for a challenge I'd like to try there.
  11. I somehow never stayed there for long, and since Adam's tribe can be made to respawn with console commands, I am not too worried about losing them. However, do normal wanderers spawn there? After a certain amount of time and no console commands...
  12. RandomWanderer

    Making Nichelings While Doing Challenges

    The wanderer thing is a really cool idea! Somehow never thought of that, didn't read it among challenge pages, either. It's those things that seem so clear and yet novel that in hindsight, it really makes you wonder.
  13. These are so cute, but my favourite will always be the almost pink. Is this a crime against pink nichelings? 🤐
  14. RandomWanderer

    Home Island & Bluebirds

    I' ve always thought Adam got kidnapped in the first place because bluebirds aren't known there. Maybe they nest too far away from home island, under the wrong conditions, etc.
  15. RandomWanderer

    Console Help - command for white fur?

    Okay. Red is actually 3 and 6. There, proof setgene FurColor6 FurColorWhite is the pinkest pink, though.