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  1. RandomWanderer

    Has the short snout gone extinct?

    Do you think they'll bring them back? They were so common, after all, but they don't really have much purpose.
  2. RandomWanderer

    Has the short snout gone extinct?

    I am not sure if I catch your meaning. Is this a good or bad thing? I didn't really play niche when they had short snouted starters, so I wouldn't know.
  3. RandomWanderer

    If you could make your own islands, what would you make?

    I suspect it might end up... As very large. Sorrounded by deep dark water With grass that only rarely regrows Plagued by seasonal heat and cold waves. The only solace being under the larger trees of the gigantic forest, spending shade and prey in Winter. Not very original overall, other attributes would likely be build on that basis and what would be available to make it more interesting. As it is, those are just preferences.
  4. I think I understand why the purr snout is unappealing to some, now. It really channels intent.
  5. Or has anybody found a short snouted wanderer lately? I don't miss it for the more obvious reasons, it's a little odd, though. My findings were mostly: Derp Snout > Purr Snout >/< rec. beak = active platypus beak. > big nose. With an influx of platypus beaks or purr snouts, varying from tribe to tribe. The big nose was rare, and when they had it, they were blind.
  6. RandomWanderer

    A rogue male revenge story!

    How did this all start? I experimented on a rogue male. Before the hunt, I recreated some legendary nichelings with the console -- or at least, attempted to. They never look quite the same. The rogue got wings, as he was meant to mate with a bird of mine. However... I was curious if he could fly properly now. Fly he did! Right into my water line. The funny thing is, they mate as they land, simutaneuosly. If you have good eyes, you might have spotted the product of this forbidden relation. And so it ended as it all began. My nichelings committed the same crime as the hunted.
  7. RandomWanderer

    A rogue male revenge story!

    10. The last Hunt. The northern morale is shattered. Our birds are on their own. Mama angry bird delivers the last blow. Have they truly won? Has she attained revenge for her sister, when the rogue male population is as steady as ever? These are the last moments of her life. In the war against darkness, stalemate is victory. Deep down she knows though, that her line and her purpose will never die. Because her husband has a thing for ducks. There ain't any rogues in the sea, man. Yet
  8. RandomWanderer

    A rogue male revenge story!

    7. Tired of using the Pale Lady as bait, the south decides to join the northern families in hunt of the more daring rogue. This daring rogue has permitted atrocities. Wherever it steps, bearyenas follow. Wherever it goes, it sexually assaults the wildlife. 8. The showdown. The birds have joined the northern hunt. The rogue is cornered! Victory is ours! Or is it? In a last act of defiance... the rogue does nothing. (9)
  9. RandomWanderer

    A rogue male revenge story!

    5. The distasteful family plots a heinous crime. Rogue #2 enters the picture. 6. Meanwhile... Angry bird junior has his way with two rogues. Not to be outdone, The three families in the south chase the rogues for many, many turns. However, with very little success.... The rogues evade our protagonist again and again!
  10. RandomWanderer

    A rogue male revenge story!

    (This story is complete) 1. The setting. This island is made for experimentation, and we recently got a whole batch of females to attract the rogues. We" ll give this one a prettier face and make it female. 2. Attraction. They do approach males... and females. Is this just their idle animation, though? 3. The pregnant rogue (fe)male #1 Many turns later, the specimen is finally trapped on a nest! This moment of truth, however... Results in a coffin birth. No baby? 4. The angry bird family is faced with an insurmountable rage. No revenge? This needs further testing!
  11. Could you describe what exactly might seem off? Maybe the somewhat-smile with the unsmiling eyes? People do find dolls creepy, aswell. Though the purr snout doesn't seem to stare much more than the other snouts to me. What I find creepy though, is a certain angle on the digging trucks. The eyes bulge right out of the skull, as if they might fall out at any moment.
  12. RandomWanderer

    Hetechromia - How it would work?

    Ah, well. This explains too much, my life has been a lie to this day. I too am crazy eyed and my father was bear(yena).
  13. RandomWanderer

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    These two random wanderers are the perfect example of recessive genes at work: Honey, did you cheat on me with my father? The pumpkin lady Dad in White, pictured with the first poison fanged creature since Adam. A great find Are you sure that's mine? An Army of Adams, improved Adams.
  14. RandomWanderer

    Set Number of young Nichelings limit

    Still, the problem remains that one doesn't let the breeding pair(s) fight or get sick easily. The exception would be a sick child, that would make the nest unusuable then for three turns, not two. Breeding in wanderers with low fertility might be a problem, but losing one day with that group is common enough. I do agree that pregnancy is beyond unbalanced. I just doubt this would be enough to fix it for some playstiles. Some fixes sound great on paper. The biggest issues with implementing balancing features resulting in, overall, more time spend pregnant with less output, might be immunity genes. I still lose them sometimes with 6-8 children. If there would be some control over that... they would be great. Falling into a downward spiral of immunity- sickness, resulting in more miscarriages, and even more by (most) new wanderers in addition to perennially bringing down the gene quality of the tribe... That sounds just as bad as a certain update that spawned rogue males everywhere. You could say now that this could all be avoided and would add challenge to the game. And you would be right. Just don't move to new islands with creatures that aren't very young (by settling down on most islands one travels to). Don't let your tribe go down to one creature with the B immunity (even if this means starvation when starting on hard islands). Learn to live with constant sickness when playing blind genes... that doesn't seem too fun to me, though. Just as rogue males can be avoided easily by keeping all females pregnant at all times... it's going to suck the fun out of the game for some players. If immunity genes aren't balanced. If they would balance them in addition, have my vote.
  15. RandomWanderer

    Set Number of young Nichelings limit

    Let me ask you this, maybe you can then understand where I am coming from. Your sick pregnant female sits on a nest (with the common cold, no less). You pass the turn. No child, the status effect pregnant is gone. Does that add to realism? If you want it to be realistic, we need: A) Worse illnesses. B) Severe food poisoning by berry p. bushes and (maybe) meat left after passing the turn. Which makes the worth of the feature questionable, when you can avoid it that easily. C) The feature including predator attacks. Again, status effect removed isn't very realistic. D) A new gene slot, or, as with twins, the issue being bound to fertility. Let's assume option D, as it takes the least programming effort. The feature isn't realistic by enough standards, maybe this makes it more feasable and low fertility more dangerous. Adding damage by a failed birth would be possible, or the nicheling could be stunned. Yeah, that's where we start to differ. As it is, I have two main issues: A) If you choose the most tame option, it doesn't add to realism, nor is it annoying enough to make a difference in gameplay. B) True realism is quite explicit. With rogue males, you don't "see as much". If you want an update that makes this as realistic as possible, I'd be as big as the wings update. Seriously, why not vote for the underground biome or something? Showing an issue isn't enough. Talking about it is important and the game doesn't offer that. There is no closure. It's the difference between showing someone a random act of bullying and showing someone a bully that comes to regret their ways. In other words, the feature could be replaced by something else that offers more realism and challenge, or the feature is going to be pretty shocking. Rogue males are the tame version of rape as it can happen in nature. Unlike rogue males however, the issue to implement failed births, or as some players have demanded, abortion, is another. I might be pro-choice, but this isn't the place for that. Seeing nichelings lose children again and again by chance is would be very upsetting to some players, myself included. Losing them by predator attack or poison berries, why would you expose your breeding pair to those? The occation would seem so rare that the effort to implement this just seems wasteful.