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  1. RandomWanderer

    A long term observation.

    If I breed a creature with recessive or full bearyena hindlegs with a creature with normal hind legs, but recessive webbed toes... Almost always the child will have webbed hind legs. In my 220 hours of niche, there was only one exception. Is this extreme bad luck? A bug? Or normal? I just wish that this would be fixed...
  2. RandomWanderer

    Missing Apes?

    This happened to a few people, myself as well. At this point, they can be heard but never appear. The only ape that ever found a tribe meant to lure them had wandered into the grassland part of the half-jungle island. It's very weird, but no solutions this far.
  3. RandomWanderer

    Adam's Legacy and Some Birds

    Very cute nichelings, but are the first few images supposed to be links? If so, they are broken. Please update?
  4. RandomWanderer

    The Quest For a "Perfect" Creature

    Agreeing with Jojo, here. I made a save where important creatures/lines are reincarnated and held eternally young. Pretty diverse, just no derp snouts, pure red or pink fur, or black/yellow fur (until I got one good sir that could actually rock the look...).
  5. RandomWanderer

    I may have discovered Jojo's secret!

    I don't get it. Who or what is a jotaro?
  6. RandomWanderer

    Pantheons? Add your ideas!

    Thanks! I am not sure about some of them, even more so of the sharpened versions. Maybe I should remove (2) entirely under Warrior Code. There still needs to be some improvement before it's worth suggesting.
  7. RandomWanderer

    Pantheons? Add your ideas!

    Could you see something like this in game? Why/why not? What are your ideas?
  8. RandomWanderer

    Pantheons? Add your ideas!

    Many tribes have a story to tell. But could this influence game play on an additional level? Imagine a little book in the starting menu. You can choose values from different sets: -- Spirit of the Hunter: all meat dropped is doubled. However, predators gain one attack point. -- (2) all meat dropped is trippled. Predators gain two points in attack. Normal berry bushes act poisonous. -- One with Nature: collecting offers one extra food point. Bunills, dodomingos and crabbits become substantially harder to slay. -- (2) collecting offers two extra food points. Non hostile entities cannot be killed. Predators live longer. -- Lover of the Night: negative status effects last half as long, positive ones twice of original lenght. Immunity to leeches and bleeding. -- Oral Tradition: Creatures live 7 days longer, healing fruits and purr snout restore more health. (+50%) All entities spawn less often. (-20%) -- (2) Creatures live 14 days longer. Enemies are substantially more long-lived, deal more damage and healing is less effective. Spawnrates are further decreased. (-33%) -- Fortuna/Will of the Gods: Damage resistance is obsolete for nichelings and predators. Creatures cannot stack stats higher than 2, 5 for attack, 3 for fishing. Small chance (15%) to gain 10 additional food from an action or to cause 10 damage. -- (2) Creatures are born with randomized stats. Your rogue-born, no pawed derpsnout might just be the greatest warrior in all of history. (2 points of a genetic base stat are still counted.) -- Sirens Call: Calling will always attract -- something. Nichelings that have sung gain an extra point in defense. -- Dancing Shadows: Creatures with at least two points total in stealth, camouflage or odour disguise gain 4 more points in those skills. -- Warrior Code: Nichelings have +2 points in attack and + 1 gathering by default. Hiding becomes impossible. -- Adam's Quest/Heart of the explorer: Creatures have one extra point in movement. -- advanced group dynamics: Born alphas are slightly stronger (+1), omegas better gatherers to one present skill (+1), beta's senses are sharpened. (+1 hearing/smelling). Children inherit rank. E.g. a+a = alpha or beta // b+a = alpha or beta. // b+o= beta or omega// o+a= o,a or b. -- Wicked Grace: Winged creatures see one tile farther into the distance, including grass. -1 cold/heat resistance. Non flighted animals gain 2 hot/cold resistance. -1 hearing. Short sighted creatures act blind. -- Northern lights: Drowning damage only occurs over night. Rogue males carry ancient or rare traits. Dodomingos and Ramfoxes drop 15 more food. -- Sun Gods: Shrivelled berry bushes offer 2 food points per berry. +1 heat resistance, immunity to sleeping sickness. -- Unity: Large packs (25+) consume less food (-25%) and twins are more common (+50%). More wanderers and fewer rogues spawn. Immunity sickness kills a creature in three days, sickness does twice the damage to other nichelings. Small packs (20 or below) consume more food (+10%). Sickness does no damage. + 1 hot, +2 cold resistance. Drastically fewer identical twins, wanderers and rogues spawn (-50%).
  9. RandomWanderer

    You know you play too much Niche when...

    -- Mark children with the right immunities to a mate at birth. This way parents do not have more or less children than required. -- You only need 4 immunity genes. 5 is good, 6 can sometimes be a hassle. -- don't have more than two main breeding pairs. Give them a maximum of three kits each (not counting twins) unless a immunity isn't being passed down properly. -- wait until creatures are a bit older before they have children. -- In certain biomes under particular bad luck, immunities might be spread through a tribe with no matches. Pick sickness over a too high population. -- No rogue children. For story purposes, non-required wanderers or other lovebirds only have one child two days before their death. If one child is born for every two deaths, tribe size can be gently decreased. Most importanly, try a whims of fate challenge with a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 2 creatures. Strategies learned in that are the best teachers, if you want to try the playstyle. Personally, anything over 15 nichelings gets a bit tedious long term. So I aim for 10 if possible.
  10. RandomWanderer


    @Spooky Goggles-kun I'd have a question about forever night. Is this the game breaking bug? What is a game-breaking bug, then? Exiting the game fixes it on my laptop. Does it refer to having to reload the save? Or has it caused some games to be permanently stuck? Or is it related to mechanics as with the fast aging? I am confused. About how often it breaks... seems related to tribe size. I might be wrong, though. It never broke with 2 creatures even with a lot of edits, pretty close to always with around 30 and only one edit. But that was on my not-made-for-gaming laptop. Some two seconds freezing was a given. On PC the gap between the numbers was larger.
  11. RandomWanderer

    Another story

    There weren't many exciting events afterward. The swamp-squirrel just discovered a wild side of himself. An army of digging trunks was born. Don't mind Firestar. Please don't ask me why the bearyena is giving anyone the cold shoulder, either. Stories sometimes need an ending. Will yours?
  12. RandomWanderer

    Another story

    Needless to say, Beetle was a pessimistic child and an even more disgruntled adult. Not the strangest of coincidences nor the highest of luck would rouse a reaction from her frozen heart. 7. Her children, however, she would not let know of struggle. She found a friend in the equally grumpy swamp-squirrel. And would be the first to stay far away from burning grass and frozen mountains. Willow asks about her childhood, her tradition, and even if oh so careful and oh so cute, She never answers.
  13. RandomWanderer

    Another story

    However, Alore was sick. To make matters worse, she had to choose between sacrificing her only child to the looming sky, or her friend to the cold. The Gods did not let her pick. Leila would be torn to shreds after suffering the cold's grasp.
  14. RandomWanderer

    Another story

    6. What is someone like you doing in a place like this? Leila's life was good. She may have been the leanest creature of her line, but she had food for days and a best friend she could always depend on. Oh, and a loyal nest warmer. Infact, her prospects only kept looking up!
  15. RandomWanderer

    Another story

    4. Laana. There were no two things about it, she had a stalker. When she climbed out of the nest, he was there. When she made her way across the island, his red coat blazed behind her every step. And then he brought his brother and his real, creepy self to daylight. 5. Corruption Meko was a thing of beauty. The ones touched by the curse had been, if not disfigured, at least profoundly plain. But the curse hesitates for nobody.