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  1. RandomWanderer


    @Skysplash8, @Aetherskye Thanks for the awesome submissions! I reincarnate nichelings on an island made for it. They retain their look, personality and story, though with minor changes at times as they're a plot driven tribe. Stealing nichelings is a no-no, but I am running out of prominent figures, so here's the request. The maximum is 60 because my laptop might commit die otherwise. Currently 50ish immortals with ~10 normal ones. Parents reflect the personality of the reincarnated and are drained of life afterwards. Positions open: 3 water breathers, 2 winged nichelings, 1 local healer, weather type, and new leader. In general all unique nichelings are accepted. Can be because of their unusual gene combination, a gene combination that reflects a challenge tribe, an interesting look or story. When two nichelings are too similar, the older is removed. Currently lacking: spots, wings, spiky body, digging paw, digging trunk, derpsnout, normal snout, frog/bearyena h.legs, gills, finer patterns, heat body, antennae, cracker jaw, bearyena snout, beak... Overfilled: poison teeth, scorpion tail, some masks, stripes, tail fin, platypus beak, yellow, pink, white, white/black, bearyena claw+runner leg... On decline: Big Body, dark colours ? Going up: high contrast patterns (black-white, red-yellow, black-orange) ?
  2. RandomWanderer

    -The War- [Summary]

    Geez. You sure are busy with preparations. Meanwhile, my nichelings sit fat and hidden on their magical island, armed to the teeth.
  3. RandomWanderer

    Forum minigame: Battle of the genotypes

    I don't play on first snow, but I would propably go for the normal, big bodied, scorpion tailed beak build with mega. horns. That's 1+2+2 strenght and usually white+ some brown fur with stripes, but full moss brown if there are only doubles. They have access to a lot more food and could hence swarm stronger nichelings, nesting by trees in high grass with members on lookout. Anyone near these perches will be swarmed and pecked to death. Striped Fire Armadillo The next island might be Oasis. This build is going to have some major weaknesses, as it's really just berry collectors with high camouflage and stealth. However, they pairbond and collect kelp from the inner Oasis before settling down to make a nest. As that, they also only have 3 children. The tailfin helps this flighty species escape danger. Full grassy areas make a perfect biome. Food is plenty but nesting material needs to be gathered, as they like to migrate and never clear grass. Not being particularly intelligent, but having sharp instincts, they gather in herds when arlarmed, then flee the area. Young males battle for mates, trying to impress a partner to be. Adorning those massive horns for courting, the mock-battle is mostly for show and intimidation. However, frustrated exemplars might take on bearyenas, or even ambush stronger species to make an impression. Their thick hide isn't tasty and a small, lean build doesn't help. They drop 6 Food unless you have teeth of steel, adding 4 more. Relying on meat as your only foodsource will make you both go extinct, as they're slow breeders and moles are scarce.
  4. RandomWanderer


    I'm collecting looks, phenotypes and archtypes on my island of reincarnation. If you have a nicheling you would like to share, please post them here. Listing their pattern types is helpful, but pictures also work
  5. RandomWanderer

    Skysplash8's Update Journal: Niche Competition

    I'm collecting looks, phenotypes and archtypes. Is it okay with you if I reincarnate Envy?
  6. RandomWanderer

    Development WIP

    A week isn't that much. You just can't really rush results. It's a busy time and good work is usually worth waiting for, especially when it comes to the console. The little things matter and new game crashing bugs would be horrible, but likely, if they're not dedicated.
  7. RandomWanderer

    Nicheling Explorer

    Unbeelievable (Kill me now...)
  8. RandomWanderer

    Testing Stuff (aka I'm a Nichebuster!)

    Are rogue males attracted to peacock tail? I've had a sickly one with the gene and they stuck around him for days on end. Eventually, the black one left, but that was one odd interaction.
  9. RandomWanderer

    Testing Stuff (aka I'm a Nichebuster!)

    I've had rogue males and wanderers on ports a few times. They stay behind.
  10. RandomWanderer

    How do you survive in the oasis?

    Wait until one of your starters has the claw. Regularly send creatures with very low strenght to attack bearyenas and swipe at leeches, wanderers, whatever you can. Try to set a base up on land. A base needs at least two double berry bushes, so that one nicheling can collect from two every day. If a nest isn't nearby though, don't bother staying. Really, really watch out for rogue males. Only let the breeding pair give birth, kill off everyone else when possible or use them as bearyena fodder. Never cut down the small berry bushes, the land has at least one good food spot, but you'll need luck to find it. Have two non- mainbreeding animals create a blind, big-nosed scout for max. efficiency in finding a second base later. Don't bother with bearyena genes. They're a waste of time. Also don't count on bluebirds to take unwanted children. Get the matriarch pregnant as soon as possible or let her fish in the middle of the Oasis. But rogues always lurk around the pool by the center. Be very careful. Getting in lean body from wanderers early is better than big ears. If you find a lean bodied wanderer early or one with otherwise good heat resistance, invite them immidiately. Have your starters pick berries and the wanderer scout for a nest. As soon as you have enough food, send two creatures to the center to swim and swipe at fishes. If you have claw at this point from the starter, they'll contribute their part, but it won't be much. Keep to the land until you unlock water body. If you stay half-land, take claw + fishing tail + runner leg. I usually have a land line and a fishing line, though. If the island is good, there's also place for another platypus line. But go land - pond - ocean and you won't struggle. I know some don't appreciate the land, but that way I have never taken starvation damage. Don't skip the phases, adapt to the land and find a good base. Their children or grandchildren can go fishing. Only breed once you've secured a good base, though. Berry bushes are always more important than having two nests. For the land line, when setting up... -- don't care about the snout gene -- blindness is o.k. as they can still pick berries in scent mode, even when no one is around. Try go get one blind scout, but don't let it spread. I usually find a blind wanderer. -- don't bother with camouflage -- rogues spawn regularly. You can work against it, but it can't be stopped. Just keep your females pregnant Pond -- Don't have nichelings stay in one spot for too long. Otherwise, fish spawning rates will drop drastically -- ignore all the wanderers that might spawn on the few land tiles within it, unless they have water genes. Rogue males and bearyenas often spawn on these select few tiles, though, so don't station anyone near them overnight or at day. -- just aimless swimming around is o.k. at first. Always use up your turns. Ocean -- don't invite all the bad wanderers you might find. There's not much to do there, though, except checking for bleeding. Leeches spawn in kelp, though, but so does food. It's a gamble. In general, set a low breeding limit and let unwanted nichelings, or nichelings that have the same immunity genes as a better one, pick from the cacti. Picking from cacti isn't a fast death and drowning wastes food. So it's better to use them as a real food source when you can. The only wrong thing to do is the release option. They'll steal too much food. Roots aren't a viable foodsource. You might barely break even, but more often than not, it's a loss. When all cacti and berry bushes are reasonable used, have two grass cleaners, if you can. That will be a dent in bearyena spawn rates and somewhat keep rogues away. You'll want the claw unlocked as fast as possible, though, so when you clean what is an investment. TLDR: Don't lose your head and plan a nicheling's job from their birth. It's hard to die as long as you'll use all foodsources and have a good base.
  11. RandomWanderer

    no paw challenge

    When you fill the entire mutation menu with normal hindlegs and still get webbed ones. It's even more painful when one parent has them active, the other recessive, and .. frogs, frogs and even more frogs! They're cursed, watch out
  12. RandomWanderer

    The Shadow Challenge

    What do you do once they're all black? Maybe the other slot would need to be filled on all-blacks with something detrimental. As the curse or price of their rank, so to speak. Maybe they angered a god and are forever doomed to walk in his shadow. However, they would get too strong and challenge its powers, so they are attacked and wounded for every spike of strenght until they break its hold. That could be: A set number of days on the island. A cursebreaker being born and slaying the apes. Some plot point that ends with the god appearing as a wanderer.
  13. RandomWanderer

    parrot beak

    Wait, this would have to disable the ears. How much hearing should they have? Or do you want the normal ones? They could suffer -hearing for their smelling, too. Would be interesting.
  14. RandomWanderer

    parrot beak

    I'd love to see some lean bodied, double bearyena clawed parrots rule the world. That would either look really derpy or majestic, especially with mega. horns.