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  1. I'm saving up to ~10 k again as Moonlighthunt. Please @ me if you have something to sale, esp. males Bought these and finally expanded my starter's line. Not much use in that save sentimentality So many possibilities :/ Sadly, my starting male is doomed to have ugly children no matter what, but he's already trained to fight
  2. Oh, no Are all starting mates this, uh, colourful? Should you just breed them when you can?
  3. I'm guessing you get something for referring people? Anyone want that?
  4. I can give you the combination for Sedgekit if it's unreadable from the pictures: medium/thick density, tiny size Runningfoot is medium/thick, too, but with sizes small/tiny on a C pattern
  5. Awful random name... Runningfoot! She has a very cute pattern, but you can't really see it here C, tiny/small for size, medium/thick density They almost have the same pattern genes, I believe... If that doesn't work, I guess it would be good for Sedgekit to have the life he never got to live...
  6. One day, spacecat will find a person that is good at time management. As of yet, they're seemingly all extinct or have terrible taste in movies. I can't take it
  7. Good. Strays are a problem in eastern europe, I think, and the population suffers from a lot of preventable diseases. Aids in cat form and the like. Not pretty. Some of them here are sick, too... though not with that? It's complicated since cats can be carriers and never have an active outbreak
  8. Good afternoon. Or maybe really morning, too.
  9. There's a stray nearby we and a neighbour are trying to tame. He has gotten a bit less skittish, so maybe I can get a good picture sometime. I only have these The problem is, our two boys predictably hate him. I'm forced to feed one in the house and hold the other at bay outside, which makes getting shots kinda hard.
  10. Certain schools usually do nothing to help until a situation escalates into violence (in which case the victim may be blamed), or a parent gets pulled in. Your best shot is having them handle it...
  11. This might just be the only way to do the challenge justice. The one true playthrough. The -- (random paperback comments)
  12. Good... morning. Again? I'm not usually on near 5 am
  13. Indigo is not literally completely anything except itself, while neither violet nor purple are a fixed thing in the first place. In fact, the 7 colours are not the colours of the rainbow, but chunks of the electromagnetic spectrum split arbitrarily because people are horrible. And 7 is a lucky number. That was my best obnoxious writing voice and your misfortune passed onto you by everyone's least favourite people: the ancients Look at it. It's madness
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