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  1. When the game is so old that your PC can't run it properly... or at all, with most versions.
  2. A relateable chart! Find yourself. Or not
  3. Considering that anything known about you ever is a lie, lime green is still tacky. Don't compare yourself to anything in awful, awful green. Not even as a joke
  4. No, everyone knows you're a third rate villain with a weird mustache. Embrace it
  5. I can't bring myself to watch it, or even know what it's about. But if you dress like that, you probably deserve it
  6. Aw, damnit. I missed my chance to lure Jojo into something stupid and ruin another 3000 count
  7. spacecat at random


    I have a really important test tomorrow... then a nightmare-ish assignment if at all possible. The latter thanks to having being essentially dead for the last 4 weeks. Can't complain about "wasting" time. But you're rid of me for now
  8. My mom was standing in a queue, some japanese guy turned around and was rewarded by an elbow to the face. He just looked so confused
  9. But don't you have enough at some point? Or is it your purpose in life to assemble all the murder cults? That's fine, but seems like a lot of work for diminishing effiency
  10. Cult. Just what is it with you and gay murder cults. Will the world ever know?
  11. A rogue baby is better than nothing sometimes. You just never know with luck
  12. Me an eternity ago when I was your age. Changed quite a bit from spacekitten and her cookies. Sharper and more harsh, like dad. And not a walking anxiety disorder. So you have seen my face without having seen my face. Great
  13. I could take a picture of someone I despise and claim it was me. Wouldn't that be fun
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