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  1. Exalting level ones gets you very little. You'll want to train them up to level 7 if you do, which is about 11/12 k
  2. I've gotten a lot of battle related items in Woodland path. Some location may have higher drop rates than others, but I haven't tried to farm these.
  3. If everything else fails, he's spooky enough for me.
  4. Okay, scratch the normal lair. They have a creepy amount of empty hibernal den slots and projects. This is weirder than the fodder one. Why is she in the main clan? What is the main clan, and why is it so small?
  5. So I checked what became of my Glimmer clones out of morbid curiosity. Her prettiest did end up in a fodder layer... but not in the fodder tap. Huh One is in the main tab of a smaller lair. The last is to be resold. I had to get them out fast, but I'm happy they're not all fodder. Kind of surprising, though.
  6. Lair slots are always good, though. I never get around to it recently
  7. Do you have healing? Mine were too, but 2 mages and one melee are unkillable by tank power. That got me beyond lvl. 16. Slow, but seriously determined to outlast everything. Also get the buff to meditation when you can. It's very cheap and very effective.
  8. Backup dergs I may be giving the dad away after Halloween, if somebody wants him
  9. Not quite. I try to observe very specific Niches over time, but I am new. Gaolers are a nightmare, but say, primals kind of work in hard price classes. But these all exist in short time windows on the low end. Ice eggs, I've seen at 344 and 380 market value. Which morphed... over a week? Some shifts are too long term for me. Dragon pricing is a speed question. While a hatchling may be worth over 10k, you'd be forced to keep them significantly longer. Too long? For myself, usually, yes. Some sell "normal" dragons, 0 rare genes, at rates of over 30 k, though. They're branded and from special lairs. So if you're going to focus on that revenue, you'd do much better there, for pre-orders alone. When pricing yourself, I'd add normal value to the standard priceclass. Normal primal: 20 gems. Not atrocious: 5g/k. Starmaps, or rare genes, have a way higher standard rate. If you're lucky, there's little competition... when not, you have the fodder market. 4 gem hatchling are snatched in 20 seconds flat. 5 can take a day. 6 is over basic value. To avoid fodder price, add 1 gem or even 1-1,5 k. They're greedy enough to aim for 400 gold differences. Gold is an unstable fodder priceclass, though. Prices rise when two flights aim for a "push" in dominance. For disclaimers... I am not a breeder and want them sold fast. So I aim at the lower end. You could probably follow the guide of 20 gems (+1-5 prettiness). Then add values for each rare gene with primals. Special elements are flights here, but usually just breeds. With normal dragons, basic value + 1-5k per a scale is probably reasonable. I'd try setting up a forum page, though.
  10. Only one egg from my favourite pairing :/ so much potential, though Very matchy despite the high colour variation
  11. You're messing with me. So it was just about glue?
  12. But how do you peel soap? (Is there specifically no peelable soap available just here...)
  13. 1536 times people ignored the value of it. That is, possibly none. (Goodnight, too)
  14. 1528 times it excluded the internet
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