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  1. hasn't school ended

  2. I might do a terraria server soon you can have  an invite once I create it do you want mods or no mods?

  3. Zixvir

    wanna play stardew? I haveit on pc now.

  4. wanna play minecraft?

  5. shall thy comic of epicness be completed? thy comic of doodles of cats? of a float stick that murders thy cats, thy cats are epic and fight other epic cats( basically do your nob-serious comic) also why are we the only 2 online.

    1. Moptimus Prime

      Moptimus Prime

      I plan on updating my comics during summer because then I'll have a lot of time

    2. Moptimus Prime

      Moptimus Prime

      Alright, page 8 is up!

  6. Zixvir

    nice new profile pic

    1. Sky


      @Lilytuft made it ;) 

  7. for your sirepup, the full caught entry is: Sirepup is a pokemon that likes to mimic others, from people to pokemon. It usually follows ones that it looks up to around and tries to copy them. because of this it is used in lots of circus's to this day, sire pup also has great potential in destructive forces, luckily, it mostly copy's instead of doing, but if motioned properly it could destroy everything!...

  8. I would like to join your pack in packs of war

  9. notice the feed on the community universe build

  10. (packs of war)I am not in a clan yet and sky quit, I would like to join your clan.

    1. flower -she,he,they-

      flower -she,he,they-

      I give you premission. :)

  11. how do you pm people on the forums

    1. Zixvir


      yeet, skeet, ctrl ,alt ,delete! yes I am doing well

    2. Moptimus Prime

      Moptimus Prime

      Go to the profile of the person you want to PM and click "message"kuva.thumb.png.ff4506c0caf07b975b57086cfd468785.png

    3. Zixvir


      oh that's what pm means.

  12. what's your profile a pic of, I  can't really tell ............................................................................?

    1. Magicmoonss


      I've posted the full drawing on my off topic page. Here it is (it's bad though): 


    2. Zixvir


      ooooh, I thought it was a treee.

  13. the community universe build is completely different, please check the post! in fact here it is the writing.

    basically we are building a universe and currently it is a void you decide what role you want to be in  you choose which universe you are in

    galaxy 1: current players @Japanese Melon Fawn, @Zixvir @Sting-tail fawn

    galaxy 2 : @ImpyFawn10

    galaxy 3: @Strayed Away Fawn

    galaxy 4: @mhiahia @Zixvir

    galaxy 5:

    whos what:

    gas planet developer:

    moon developer:

    star developer: @Japanese Melon Fawn, @Zixvir

    life developer: @mhiahia

    rocky planet developer:


    gas planet developer: develop gas planets get 1 extra room for being another developer( you can't be a life developer) others can live on your planet( they have to ask if they want to live there, and raids aren't possible) choose a gas element for your planet to have as a resource(other people can loot it, free of charge and you can put multiple resources on your planet and the best part is ( it doesn't have to be on the periodic table!) so you can put anything you want on there!)

    rocky planet developer: develop rocky planets, choose a star to orbit(you have to ask the star's developer if you want to orbit that star)

    moon developer: develop a moon, choose orbiting planet, (you don't have to ask if you want to orbit that planet, so you can invade!)

    star developer: develop stars, choose the size, width, heat, light, mass, and special attributes of your star

    life developer: develop life forums,  make genes, choose what they do, choose where they live( allows room for being any other 1 developer and you don't have to ask if you want your life on the moon) (but if you want to live on a planet, you have to ask, unless you want to raid!) , and more that I don't know how to say.

    galaxy 1:

    galaxy 2:

    galaxy 3:

    galaxy 4:     (has star)                       Star name: Sci-fiya( sorry for the horrible joke)temperature: Core:99999999999 degrees celsius outer:   12500.0012499 degrees celsius size: 9999 miles big mass: 9554001.534 pounds

    galaxy 5:



    your galaxy can move into other galaxy's and you can possibly go to other galaxy's and raid them once your galaxy is strong enough.( raids and and starting off)

    all  gas planet developer, rocky planet developer ,and life developer depend on a star developer and a star active.

    please make art if you want and post it here, it means alot to me. if you have any problems with how this works, please tell me( I won't help if your problem is with how the game doesn't give enough power, if you get to much power, it becomes non community, and I want this post unified.)


    admin: do anything you want but be nice or you get take away(I tell you if you get admin so don't ask!)



    there are no forums for any of this so please don't ask!

  14. IT'S KWANZA! the first day of kwanzaa is TODAY! so don't cry, just eat some pie!

  15. please check the comunity universe build, it is ready to go!

  16. do you wanna do community space build I invited japanese melon fawn over too!

  17. do you wanna go on community universe build i've revived it!

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