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  1. Gay people are orphans and I ate a lot of distance from the sun
  2. I tend to remove regrowing grass and rogue males, lifespan is 75 for adults and a bit longer for the others too. I heighten damage too (except hunger because it would be tripled)
  3. @rivulet OH NO NOT THE EVENING AGAIN 😰 /j
  4. Wow what if i make dragon adopts 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
  5. Hiiiiiii if we were to still be doing this, I suggest moving away from wcu due to the scheduling difficulties and their attempt to sweep cultural appropriation under the rug.... We could do this on the forums or discord. Since not everyone has access to the latter, the former may be a better platform (unless we find another option?)
  6. It's possible.... Why are you answering people from 2 years ago
  7. whoa it's been two years

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