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  1. There are five days of school left and three until the register closes (aka votes can no longer be added) and my classmates are STILL SKIPPING SCHOOL TO AVOID BEING INTERROGATED
  2. Spearmaster found two echoes! Hunter is led to them to that her illness can be kept at bay
  3. The lesbians had a child (also confirmation that it takes into account parents' genes at conception, since i changed arti to have bearyena hands)
  4. A LITTLE GUY Sluglings nichecats will be goven their name when they adult, also this pupper is Gourmand's
  5. The average saint experience Saint keeps their frailty even here, one hit and it's game over
  6. I think im legally obligated to artihunter (oh yeah a bearyena happened)
  7. Here's the sluglings nichecats (looks like an adam descendant fr) (this is purple i swear) (and this is totally blue) (this is technically a saint color. Also definitely green)
  8. Wow look i am playing a game that isnt rain world are you proud of- Oh
  9. yooo two full odds shinies in one day????????? I got a Gible and a Cufant
  10. Gaming part six grains of gravel, mountains abound
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