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  1. Sky

    1.1.0 Buglist

    @Leaellynasaura Your Nicheling has no blood, apparently
  2. Sky

    1.1.0 Buglist

    @Jojo Actually, I did make a post about the Normal Blood Clotting unlocking from the start, it's been happening in most of my save files, both in the regular version and the preview. Whelp, at least I can get the Hemophilia out quicker
  3. It has apparently happened quite a lot, actually. There's several other posts about the Nicheling Ghost that haunts their saves
  4. Do I just search for it in my files or what? Sorry, I don't know much about this.
  5. @AlbinoPeacock @PhiloThing is, I know it's not that the mating failed, because after the first time, the female had a bulging belly and a 'pregnant' icon.
  6. Today I was playing on one of my saves when my newly-invited-into-tribe female was impregnated by a Rogue Male. I used up her and her son's turn trying to kill him (I didn't fully succeed). Next day, I'm playing with the other tribe members when I get a notification that a Rogue Male mated with a female of mine. I only had two females, and one was only a teen, so it can't be her. I go over to my other female, and sure enough, the Rogue Male is there. However, she wasn't pregnant anymore. It was like the Rogue Male just decided 'nevermind I don't want any children' and undid his mating. Whelp, at least I won't have to have a child with him anymore. Any help on this?
  7. @Titosmeow @Philo This has been happening to me too. Can only play for a few in game days before I can't select them any more and have to exit
  8. Sky

    Dying randomly

    Are you sure he wasn't just old?
  9. Sometimes, when I'm playing on my beta update preview save, I'll pass the day and suddenly I can't select my Nichelings. When it happened the first time, I exited the save and went back and it worked for a couple in-game days before it just happened again. Any ideas? (Note that I haven't tried closing Niche altogether yet) By the way, on the Antenna description, 'prediction' is spelled as 'predition'. Just so you know
  10. Sky

    1.1.0 Buglist

    @Snow53211 @Philo Had that on my own Nichelings and didn't even know it was a bug Note that it's not always black, it just matches the fur color
  11. There's been a glitch that I've found where sometimes when I load up a save file and minimize it, it won't let me open it back up or even close the window. I can still open the game from Steam, but it has to make a new Window. Help?
  12. Just wanna point out that your Family Tree icons look reallllyy tiny as well, so that might be a bug too.
  14. Hello! Hope I get an extra key for a friend!
  15. Sky

    Twin bug

    That's exactly what I was about to post about, except my female died as she gave birth. (She had sacrificed some of her life to the cacti for food) I was really lucky cause their father had Beak, Scorpion Tail, Recessive Peackock Tail, and Double I immunity!
  16. Oh WOW a lot of stuff is happening -2 rogue males (make that 3!) -We're at 2 food with 5 Nichelings -a loner with Scorpion Tail, Recessive Peacock Tail, Beak, and double *I* Immunity. Plus he has great fertility! (but double Shortsighted eyes) -and I'm going insane because I love this so much
  17. Heheh it scared me for a moment when it loaded up and I see a big tail and stuff And OH MY GOODNESS I'm on the second day And I already have a Loner Nicheling with recessive Scorpion Tail! And I've already found a bug (I'll make a post later with the bugs I find)
  18. Yeahh starting my Beta world already *Ahem* WHALE ISLAND YES
  19. YEAHHH Woohooo!!! Definitely gonna try this out!
  20. I'm making some posts for new islands, so here's the second one: Beach -Palm Trees! Would give coconuts (maybe you'd need 2+ cracking to collect it?) -Mostly sandy, not much grass -Leeches, leeches everywhere! (as always..) -Lots of fish (and Carvahnas) -No idea what Island level it would be (as in Easy, Medium, Hard, or Killer) Might make another post for another Island suggestion, so that might come soon
  21. I'm making suggestions for new islands, so here's the first one: Forest -Lots of trees -Maybe a new animal, like a Squirrel for food -Probably a lot of wanderers, since there's so much food from all the nuts - Probably a lot of Bearyenas, searching for some lunch (which, again, seems to be crawling all over the place with all of these nuts!) -Food and Bearyenas kind of balance it out, maybe a Medium or Hard Island? Next Island idea is coming up in the next post!
  22. While on the tree, you could collect acorns. You would be gathering them from the actual tree, not the ground, so it would reduce the amount of nuts that Nichelings on the ground would be able to collect. You would also only be able to stay up there for a few days, then you would basically fall off (maybe with a little fall damage if you don't get off before you fall?). You would then not be able to climb the tree for a day or two ('cause you got to rest your tail up & recover from your fall). Also, if there are new types of trees added with new foods that you can get from them, you would be able to collect them. It would be pretty cool to hang out on a palm tree and eat coconuts all day (I might make that part into a new post)
  23. The cutting out has happened for me since I got Niche (which was right after Christmas). I thought it was my computer too
  24. Sky

    Pregnant males

    I just noticed that the Nicheling on the main screen and the Nicheling on the bottom left bar look completely different
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