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    Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the update 0.5.5 for the Closed Alpha. We are doing the last bugfixes and changes for the early access release. If you find any critical bugs, please report them asap. Nimbatus will release on Steam tomorrow! Reworks: Added new Explosion FX for TnT Added new Particle FX for Tutorial Added new Winning sound for the sumo arena Added new Sound for completing a mission Minor UI tweaks Added new default sumo drones, for players that play offline Balancing: Increased damage of mega laser by 500% Doubled Drilling strength of giga drill Increased damage of cryo and plasma ammunition to 25% (from 10%) Increased damage of enemy blasters Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where you could not change the drone in the Sumo Training arena Fixed texture glitch of sawblades Fixed that graphic settings were not saved correctly when closing the game Thanks for testing, keep it up! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
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    Well here only few kids celebrate Halloween, because we have our own version of halloween, it happens on 2 days one day people dress up as male peasants and other as female peasants. Then you go sing a song and wish good luck and people will give candy for that . But on halloween il try to dress up as close to V from "V for Vendetta"
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    I was so hyped to get my hands on Nimbatus, but then this happened *didnt show the "hours" left before*
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    Hi crew We have chosen a release date for the Nimbatus Early Access launch Nimbatus will be released on October 3rd! Please help us to spread the news ! On Facebook On Twitter And if haven't done so already, please add the game to your Steam wishlist We can't wait for the game to be released and to keep working on it with you. Hope you are as excited as we are ❤️
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    Yeah. Welcome to UTC+3 where everything doesn't go that well.
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    I'd watch out for Spinner pushers. These spinners take a particularly hostile approach towards enemy sumo drones, but its hits are rarely lethal until the arena closes in on the drones and gives a small enough area for the weak hits to effectively reflect an enemy out of the ring, but they also are far more effective against pushers, effectively negating the weakness passive, center-seeking spinners have by using the pusher's force to accelerate its own spin speed until the inevitable ring closing in and pushing the pusher out. Not all hope is lost, however, as a new pusher sub-type has been built specifically to melt spinners through faster-than-rotation bursts of speed, crashing into the spinner and wiping out internals. These drones shall be amply named "Crashers". I need more research on Crashers before I can name any other strengths or any weaknesses, but the fact the spinner omnipresence has been challenged shall bring light to the sumo tourney world.
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    What do you mean "too far"?! For all I know, creatures have amazing- My creatures have the breeding success rate of a rabbit
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    Hello, I've been using tags recently and they are tremendously useful but they start to accumulate so I'm wondering how can I clear them all or just DELETE TAGS one by one THX, Have a nice day
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    Yes it may be a bug that would be an interesting feature
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    Do you celebrate Karneval in Austria?
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    We commonly don't celebrate halloween at all in Austria 😅. We have a horned devil and saint that "bring" sweets to children.
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    Yeah a new Sniper would be sweet
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    @Mr_MT1111 The early access will be $19.99. And - 10% during launch week. Owners of our first game Niche will get another -10% discount ^^
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    Updated the guide with the spinner drone, because we all love spinners, right?
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    frequent bugs: >The head of the nicheling gets huge when you change genes >You get stuck at night >the eyes of the nicheling don't blink/ the eyes remains open when it finishes the moves >The "bio" of the nicheling like when you click it and you see the days he as, the genes ecc remains unchanged >Nichelings dies in a few days >if you add a pattern it doesn't show up until you close the save If I will find more I'll write them
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