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  1. Goggles I love you but your profile pic is giving me flashbacks If youve looked in the replies of any tweet referencing that face you'd know
  2. It's not a picture it's an actual thing, try scrolling it
  3. I will go back When I can be bothered to
  4. Aight own up who deleted the miss niche voting topic I'm not actually angry but
  5. Well the mobile games coming out sometime next year hopefully ,along with nyoma being developed so I imagine developments done for now until both games are out and running smoothly
  6. I don't really do roleplays, but I might join in later. Thanks for asking!
  7. the perfect way to be in the right mindset before mocks
  8. then just say that (also no wanting to die is allowed in this christian household suicide is a Sin) (seriously though you can message me if you need comfort : D)
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