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  1. heyitsgeorgie

    The Lion King Challenge; a playthrough

    this sounds so cool!
  2. heyitsgeorgie

    Miss Niche reindeer edition

    wait wHAT moosestar is winning?????
  3. heyitsgeorgie

    Miss Niche reindeer edition

    im actually english but I just saw that opportunity for the meme and went for it
  4. heyitsgeorgie

    New bears?

    just a top tip for generally anything you see that someone has made on the internet: if you don't like it, give criticism. people that create things will 100% of the time appreciate you telling them what to improve upon, because they may have not realised that themselves, and will be thankful once they improve that thing you pointed out and realised how much better it looks. just dont say "this is so bad" or "I hate this" because that's not really helping anyone. sorry for the paragraph-long life lesson, I just thought this is important to know, youre probably older than me lol
  5. heyitsgeorgie

    Savanna Horns

    me when I realise I ate all the snacks
  6. heyitsgeorgie

    Savanna Horns

    what even is that like- that looks uglier than the derp snout why who what when where how???
  7. heyitsgeorgie

    How much food can you get in 50 days?

    I would much rather if you didnt, so the challenge will be fair on everyone, including people who dont want to use console.
  8. i know a lot of people really like the idea of more hybrids, but personally I think that hybrids should be kept to bearyneas only. It makes them seem more special and unique to other predators like the apes and balance bears, and if they were to receive hybrids too, bearyneas would be widely overlooked. that's just my opinion on hybrids though, and I wouldn't actually find it offensive for more hybrids to be added
  10. nice to see the iconic niche eyebrows are getting around everyone's tribes!
  11. heyitsgeorgie

    Alpha stuff

    oh really? I didn't actually know that, that's cool! It was just the first thing that came to mind when I though of alphas and betas and omegas, so I used it as an example, but it still stands the use of the rank system ,were it to be like that, would still be very limited
  12. by the way, will all the months have a theme? because I think for January it should be all about brightly-coloured nichelings! (because of the new year and fireworks). the rules would be they have to have bright coloured fur (yellow, orange, red, pink, ect. , just any extremely bright colours) or have toxic body!
  13. thank you! Moosestar does look nice and I think her story is one of my favourites out of all of my nichelings, but little imperfections like her swimming tail and one velvet paw and one runner leg make her look just a bit worse than your nichelings, which have obviously been bred with those genes for generations, so they are "perfect" appearance-wise, which is what I prefer personally over cool-looking patterns
  14. what do you mean you dont have a chance to win they both look amazing!