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  1. im like that really condescending person who guides you through the tutorial
  2. also I've been on a plane twice to Italy and from Italy and it was very fun except for the headache you get on the way down.. oh dear lord the headache.. it was so bad and it didn't go away for like 5 hours..
  3. okay have fun (honestly I don't even know who you are since you changed your name)
  4. ok I feel like the results are clear, rosefur's lullaby it is!
  5. also, what should I actually call it? I firstly thought "rosefur's lullaby" but I might just call it "rosefur" or whatever else comes to mind hmm.. react "sad" for "rosefur's lullaby", and "laughing" for "rosefur", or give me other ideas if you have them!
  6. so uhh I wrote a song?? a few years back I took piano lessons (but I was insufferably bad at it, compared to the average person who takes music lessons. I was still.. sorta good?) and.. apparently it stuck because we've just rotated onto music lessons and im the best in the class, generally because I know how to chord and play with both hands (to an extent, I can do like chords in the background but anything past that and i'll need like half a month's practice) because im so good at music lessons in school I've been inspired again and playing stuff at home (my sister did piano lessons too so my dad bought a piano), and today I was like "frick it, ima write a song for one of my nichelings!" so.. this is a song for a nicheling called rosefur. I dont think many people here would know her, but guess in general what her personality is from the song! she's the goddess of plants and the 4th strongest god in my pantheon, goddess of the earth! (plants, ect.). i'll give you a hint: a N x I e T y I might do a little pmv of this soon so keep an eye out! im also pretty annoyed right now because I submitted to a map and spent ages on my part but it got cancelled D :
  7. considering the fact I despise horror games, im sarting to realise now how weird it is I used to like fnaf quite a lot..
  8. throw all those really bad "undertale comic dubs" in there too..
  10. just.. put nostalgic things here my contribution: ect, ect, just video game songs in general. oh my god listening to these.. HEY KIDS, NICE TO MEET YA-
  11. uhh guys..? ONCE YOU "FINISH" THE CONSERVATIONIST CAREER (not get to level ten, but work from home everyday and you'll get it around level 8 ) YOU "RESTORE" THE ISLAND OF.. MUA PEM I THINK ITS CALLED?? OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? BUT ANYWAY,, THERE ARE B A B Y T U R T L E S AND YOU WATCH THEM HATCH AND CRAWL INTO THE OCEAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAA (also my sim has a girlfriend now (shes bi) and you know the main girl in the trailer? its her) shes also somehow became a rising star celebrity by selling the photos working from home as a conservationist asks you to take so that's a thing now, her and her girlfriend go to starlight boulevard and she sings and gets money whilst the other one interviews the sims that come to watch her sing (she's a stylist that also works from home) it was their first christmas so far (I have lifespan on long and each season as two weeks long so take that as you will) a few sim days ago and that was when they finally got together officially and moved in with eachother!! they have quite a bit of money (like 30000 ish right now?) and are nearly done completely furnishing their house, and once they age up (in like 35 sim days?) they're gonna go move to that huge empty lot in the top-left neighbourhood and build like a mansion or something there
  12. also if you look at the oldest videos on my youtube channel, they're all lps videos I think I might have deleted it, but watch the one where the blue dog thing "sings" let it go. holy crap its so cute/ embarrassing for me
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