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  1. I think you would do it by right clicking the gems? and it would have to work with customizable gen colours
  2. look I have to go to school in 2 minutes and have no idea how it would work but I'm putting it here to add to later : D
  3. y-you don't even like the triangle?? or the orange cream???
  4. dear lord all I was saying is that if you really don't like the art you drew just forget you ever drew it and try again or something (also people are allowed not to like their own art lol)
  5. its not like impy forced their fist through the screen and punched me in the face calm down lol
  6. heyitsgeorgie

    The Moth

    well I dont really want to get into it on here but in all honesty if you literally just. put slurs in your show with no specific warning and draw fanart for racists you cant be excused because "waaa cancel culture : ,("
  7. I'm just kidding your sexuality is usually set at birth, you will just end up being attracted to the people you are and being trans is a bit more complicated, most have gender dysphoria which means your brain thinks you're one gender when your body is a different one, but some people just.. want to be another gender and transition
  8. 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain 100% reason to remember the name
  9. oh I wasn't actually talking to fawncat I was taking to renio saying if she doesn't like the way her art turns out then there's no point stressing out over it, she should just forget it and move on
  10. heyitsgeorgie

    The Moth

    well long story short vivziepop is a horrible person, and I mean like, HORRIBLE horrible
  11. heyitsgeorgie

    The Moth

    oh god no why must hazbin hotel appear on this forum
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