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  1. now im contemplating why my cat has the same birthday as hitler, when he is the least hitler-y cat I know
  2. scrolling through hollow knight tumblr tag and thinking of all the cool possible endings for silksong, and then coming to terms with the fact its gonna be another "so,, hornets got all this new lore about her,, also that yellow knight dude holds the purple god dude, who hornet kills and then dies! the end!" I need to stop talking about hollow knight here
  3. can you draw whatever you want? (obviously not nsfw or anything)
  4. honestly I gave up on the squirrels after the first three tries to get them to live, I will probably never get them back. also guinea pigs have never failed to completely demolish wherever they are living to the point where theres just a couple flowers and some trees left. the second I finish their evolutions I delete them, and their evolutions aren't even that much better either
  5. the only challenge I can think of is literally having a group of squirrels survive for more than 10 minutes without spontaneously combusting. I thought this was just something I was doing wrong with them, but it seems like its a problem for everyone
  6. I love equillinox! I basically got a 100% file and left it alone, and come back for 5 hours or so every update. I do adore it though, especially for £7.50
  7. wow someone agrees with me,, also I remember doing my crappy cat drawings on firealpaca about a year ago and my dad walks in like "UsE pHoToShOp!!11!!1" because that's what he uses.. he's a professional graphic designer. I was an 11 year old who just wanted the cats to look like cats and for the eyes to be roughly symmetrical. he insisted, and went through all the trouble to get his licence on my computer and what do you know! I had no idea what I was doing and I hated every minute of it, no matter how much he tried to explain. my brother also hates me for using firealpaca, but he says "JuSt UsE sAi!! and I respond with "tell me one thing that you think only sai can do" and ill immediately do the thing he said (FAR easier because firealpaca is a blessing) and smugly look at him. I know trying other programs is important to see what you like, and I have tried sai, but its just.. firealpaca without a) antialiased lines (which I ALWAYS use), b) gradients (I think.. there might be somewhere) and c) all the dumb brushes you can use in the background to look cool, such as star, leaf, thorn, flower and the classic, firealpaca (its literally the logo repeated as a brush) and all of these have multiple versions and are easily customisable. also krita just doesn't work I hate it. I have been getting more into traditional art too (especially since I got a free sketchbook and actual good art supplies on a school trip) (wow I just rambled for no reason)
  8. I can feel my laptop dieing slowly already
  9. this sounds exactly like what my goddess of fire wouldve said to her purrsnout sister after she jumped into fire
  10. melonnicehling close-ish? MelonNicheling ayy, and with the caps in the right place too
  11. I will know your pain soon, my teeth are so messed up (one is literally SIDEWAYS) that my dentist's only hope is to wait until all my baby teeth fall out, randomly pull out a few of my adult teeth, give me braces and hope to dear god the remaining teeth might just magically fall into place
  12. hate to ruin the fun but I think most of us already know, I know that @Lawoofy does but still, yay
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