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    if im speaking like rouls kaard I'm role-playing oakblaze

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  1. heyitsgeorgie

    Share your favourite wanderers!

    hmmm shadow tear??
  2. heyitsgeorgie

    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

    Aetherskye omg I did it!
  3. heyitsgeorgie

    I'm getting a kitten!

    AAAA I GOT HER shes so cute and even though the moon markings gone she is so adorable!! on the way home she insisted on being let out the carrier so we let her out and she fell asleep on my sister's lap the entire way home and then she got home and my other cat started to hiss at her, we were gonna do something but then she just started hissing back and then my cat ran away and sat in the doorway whilst the kitten just meowed and carried on as normal even though the cat was hissing at her, then the cat walked off (she seemed ok with the kitten being here by now) then the kitten started to use her claws to climb the side of the sofa, then we started to play with her with a feather on string and she loved it, she started running around following it and jumping (one time she jumped she fell and landed on my lap and it was super cute) and she was so focused on getting the feather she fell into her water bowl, then I picked her up and put her in the bed we got for her and she led down and purred, but then she got up and took the feather and dragged it behind the sofa and kept it there, I also managed to get her to follow the string into my room (she literally didn't seem phased by leaving the room we kept her in) and once I picked her up and put her on my bed she realised that she left the room and got really scared so I carried her back, shes done a couple other things but that's the cutest/ funniest things tl;dr- aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. heyitsgeorgie

    please send me creatures to draw I’m bored

    his mother is dragon tear???
  5. heyitsgeorgie

    Forum categories

    mmmmMMM I love me some organisation do it
  6. heyitsgeorgie

    soldier poet king gift for jessimew

    so I made these three drawings for jessimew and I tweeted them to her but im just gonna put them here too because im really proud of the second one
  7. heyitsgeorgie

    Nicheling war

    dont worry I feel ya my phone ran out and I couldn't be bothered to find the charger so I didn't go on it for like a week and I just turned it on and I have like a billion notifications
  8. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    yep. that was mekoko alright
  9. okay so there maaay be one problem the widowclan file on my computer actually is on the birth of lilyfoot so a lot of important things haven't happened maybe ill figure it out later and carry on with the no paw challenge because that's going well so far plus I started losing interest in widowclan (also im going to stop using console randomly because I think the original savefile corrupted because I consoled cloudmeadow's stripes)
  10. heyitsgeorgie

    story time

    the pencils and plastic bags made a plot to murder the lamp. they would kill him by...
  11. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    yeah honestly I just think my mekoko felt like murdering someone elses nichelings so she got an uber to your tribe and killed a load of them
  12. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    well my mekoko is just average nicheling with red+black fur and bird beak, one bearynea claw and one runner leg. she doesn't look that interesting but having my second most powerful goddess have bird beak is neat because I dont see many other beaked gods
  13. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    when did your mekoko live? mine was maybe a month after the wings update released. this will settle once and for all which mekoko is the real mekoko
  14. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    hes the rogue male
  15. heyitsgeorgie

    no paw challenge

    (btw, petalily is my goddess of peace. mekoko is my goddess of death)