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  1. "Its 5:59" "No its 2 in the afternoon." "ITS LUNCH TIME!!!!" (Eats dog food with pancake)
  2. Lisa sprays fire in ravens face "LISA NO!" "WHAT THE H***!?"
  3. "Where did you get this?" (Eating dog food) "It tastes so good" (Facepalms)
  4. "*** YOU!" "Sonic, who did you invite in here?" "I didnt invite them. They came in themselves."
  5. "Luna, why." "ITS WHAT CATS DO OK!?" "But... your a.... wolf?" "Nope," (Turns into a cat) Im a cat"
  6. (Luna curls around the poneranian and grooms it) "WHAT. THE. ****."
  7. (Throws the pomeranian at raven) "AAAA PANCAKE!" "BAD LISA" "**** YOU"
  8. Please respond to us by 2:05 pm in Ohio time xd
  9. "Umm, you two realise thats dog food right?" "So?" (The pomeranian eats the dog food) "HEY THATS MY FOOD!" (The pomeranian jumps on Lisa's face) "AAAAAA GET IT OFF ME!"
  10. (Sees dog bowl) "FOOOOD!" "MY FOOD" "You wanna mess with me?" "nope"
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